The Slavs siege discount should includes trebs

15% means, sort of, you buy 6 trebuchets and pay for 5.

It is difficult to mass 5 trebs. It is not going to be that broken

Again, in SOME matches it may be just good enough to push them to the victory.
In the majority of matches the difference may not be noticeable, i agree.

But they have a 50% win rate right now.
This buff wont leave them at 50% because it is not an useless buff, and in SOME matches it will be handy.

I am not scared of the bonus helping to mass a lot of trebs (only one treb more some times). I play portuguese and indians and I dont mass huge BBC armies with them.

my thought is: Since slavs are already balanced, I think we should leave them as they are.

If they were below 50% winrate, I would like it

Slavs don’t need a buff to their late game.


How 15% cheaper trebs would be broken?

It’s not a question of broken or not… there’s simply no reason to buff Slavs. Certainly not in the Imperial Age.

If they needed a small boost just to be competitive and used I’d say fine, but they don’t.


It is actually like fixing a buff already existed not giving them a buff. Their bonus says " siege workshop units 15% cheaper", yes i know it means siege workshop but in general the idea should means siege units in general which it should include trebs

[quote=“Equalizer938341, post:26, topic:118919”]
yes i know it means siege workshop but in general the idea should means siege units[/quote]

I think it should mean camel units. Slavs should get a discount to all their camel units. It almost says so in their tech tree you see, you just have to read it wrong.

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You are right. And Equalizer938341 has a point in my opinion. Slavic trebs should enjoy the discount too. I’m not sure though if my opinion is objective enough as I love to play as Slav in most of the maps.

I’m not against the idea. I just wanted to prove that bonuses works as intended.

Slavs farming rate was reduced in DE, so I think they could get discount on all Siege Weapons.