The Slinger is too expensive and ridiculous in terms of a Skirmisher for infantry

You are right, my mistake, but actually that makes them even better than HC, because they have 1 more range over them.

slingers are not effective against huscarls, and plumed archer can still run away from huscarls

and you forgot to tell us about the other plumed archer advantages

They are. Try it out. Not in late game when they swarm your base on an open map but before that point Goths have little answers to Incas.

Plums are the better general unit, no question about that. But against infantry slingers are better in most situations (less investment required, faster to get to, more attack output).

They are, they deal 11 damage instead of the 1 damage that most other archers deal.

Of course they need a meatshield to protect them from the huskarls closing in.

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come on, man, I’m just asking for a little buff from my favorite civilization, and I’m looking for like-minded people :smiley:

As others mentioned. Singers are just superior HC. Higher ROF and tanky armour, no need for chemistry nevermind imperial age,and of course cheaper.

When you couple them to eagles or kamayuks you literally have a trio of units that counters everything…

But they don’t really need it. If you want a buff for incas it would be better to ask to change their team bonus, or to put more food in their starting lama.

Their UU are actually fine.

Yeah exactly. Change the team bonus is my vote. It is useless.

Were you being sarcastic?

Maybe he was referring to the starting lama, which is an useful bonus, a bit like tartars and lithuanians, but you can also use it to explore in dark age.

Maybe high elo players and pros are able to use it, but for us common mortals, yes, it’s pretty useless…

can we create a separate discussion to discuss the Inca team bonus?my English is bad, if someone is interested, create a separate discussion

I respect that but buffs aren’t the cream on your favorite cake they are means to improve the performance of weaker civs. If you like them just play them. They are a decent civ and (at least for a meso civ) a pretty well-rounded civ.