The Snare Mechanic is the unsung hero of aoe3

I wanted to give a shoutout to the snare mechanic, which I think was one of the great innovations in rts that has gone underappreciated in its time. It gives an amazing feeling of friction and realism and materiality to units that you don’t get in the other age games, where units just float in and out of fights.

It’s what let’s you “slam” in a bunch of cav or melee infantry into an infantry mass and turn the whole thing into a frantic and chaotic melee. It’s what lets you surround and destroy an enemy army, as opposed to just driving it off. This is opposed to what happens In other age games, where cav and Infantry just kind of float around one another and retreat at will with no consequence.

It makes micro and positioning so much more consequential.

It complements the pull trick mechanic extremely well— one counters the other. Aoe4 feels incomplete Bc it has pull tricking but no snare. It also raises the skill ceiling tremendously. You can get really, really good at abusing snare and it’s incredible to watch and to work on yourself.

It was a huge mistake for the devs to make chimus unsnareable / unable to snare because aoe2 people complain about it, and I’m glad they fixed that and made them like other units. The current hatred for snare among the aoe2 / aoe4 community is purely because of momentum-- its just what those players are used to. But the snare mechanic objectively makes the combat in this game superior to the other age games, if not to any other rts


+1, snare mechanic is the unique selling point(USP) of aoe3 for me. Love it!


Well, an exception to the rule is good once in a while. In SC-2 there is also a unit that slows other units when attacking them. I think this should be in AOE-4.

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I come from aoe2 and I disliked the root until I understood (roughly) how it works, as at first I thought it was some kind of bug or pathing problem. Since then I like it, it feels like the aoe3 version of the aoe1/aoe2 pre-balistics ranged attack mecanics.

I like snaring, but not the pull trick


they go hand in hand. you get snared, you pull trick to escape. your enemy pull tricks to escape, you snare

It transforms the battles from aoe2/4. I dislike it when units get exceptions to snare: Incas and the units that can run and shoot cannon. I can’t figure out how to unsnare if one cav in the back of my line is missing. Coming to this game from aoe2/4 you get the feeling that cav are underwhelming and overcostly until the fields open up.

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Usually, you break the snare by dropping the snared unit back onto the enemy units which then allows you to escape with the rest of your army. Pull tricking, and clicking just in front of your cav units so they run in a horizontal line formation helps too.