The Song Fortress

My game keeps crashing to Windows at the exact same spot constantly, during the Mongol campaign.
During the mission The Song Fortress, every time the narrator says “As the Mongols approached the Song burnt the bridges” and crash. Tried replaying the mission from scratch, same thing. Has happened about 20 times now I can’t get past that spot.

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Hey there, we’ll have our team look into this to see if it’s affecting others as well. In the meantime please reach out to our support team who can assist further.

Obviously the Song also burnt the stability of the game with the bridges. The Mongols can’t arrive if the game forces them to stop. Genius level tactics. :joy: :wink:

I have the same issue.

Hey @TNTCharge! Sorry to hear you are having problems here. If you can, please contact support with your warnings.log file. It would be super helpful—thanks!