The stale state of this game

this game has actually become so stale that for 2 days straight i have faced only HRE, this game is officially boring and now I’m gonna stop playing until the devs fix the current lack of diversity inside the civs of the game, its really tedious and boring to face the same civ 2 days in a row, this game is a bore fest if I’m honest.

also 21.23% player loss on steam alone, since the last patch, R.I.P AOE4 xD.


The pick rate for HRE is 15% (1v1) since the last patch. It’s very unlikely that you played against them every game. If you don’t like the state of the game that’s totally fine, but this post seems more like a rant after you’ve been farmed by an HRE player than actual constructive criticism.


sure, if that’s what you wanna think, but trust me 90% of games are HRE since the last patch, its a joke, defend the game all you like, but the nose dive in the player base says the game lacks a lot of reasons for it being a fun and diverse, RTS game.

you may enjoy it, but for me, having the same civ for the past 2 days is no good, shows a real lack of originality in the game itself, shows people have no incentive to try other civs, especially when HRE are most likely the most broken civ in the game once they get 3 relics, so think what you want, but the numbers say otherwise.

Play a team game tho and see how many HRE/chinas you get

Civ meta is stale and the game hasn’t been out for a year, if that isn’t an issue idk what is.

According to the statistics from the highest pickrate for HRE is in 1v1, in team games it’s even less. Maybe you are stuck on some wierd ELO where the majority of people only play HRE but I don’t think that is the case.

I’m not being biased, I’m simply stating facts.


Get a team of four together for whenever you want to play, then only pick Civs strategically to match the map or plan as this will certainly improve your experience with multiplayer by shaking away some of the monotony.

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Speaking of,

Get in discord elephanto man

Having a solid team truly does enhance the experience tenfold


Sí hermano, es la verdad.

Todo el mundo necesita utilizar nuestro método para jugar con la libertad de los malos tiempos. Sólo un hombre que sufre de enfermedades humorales o una personalidad sin aburrimiento quiere jugar con randos en este juego.

@FauxMusician936 si quieres un aliado en este juego para la Partida Rápida, agrégame en el juego; mi nombre es el mismo que aquí.

There are plenty of issues with the game still but stale isn’t one of them. The meta hasn’t even settled yet. If by some poor luck you keep getting paired against HRE then try punishing their FC instead of letting them get three relics.

But if you just want to be angry, please carry on.

sure i will add you next time im on.

bro trust me i know how to stop them from getting relics, but doing it every single game for 2 days in a row is like repeating the same campaign mission on different maps, i came here to play the multiplayer of a game that is supposed to be diverse, i am not here to repeat the same strategies for 2 days, the fact of the matter is, its annoying playing the game the same way all the time, i understand you wanna defend the title, but the fact of the matter is its already a dying trend.

so please carry on trying to hold on to what little player base this game has left.

I see you’ve chosen to continue to be angry. Hopefully you feel better now that you’ve gotten that rant out of your system. I wish you the best of luck in whatever game you decide to move on to.

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