The Stupid Goths!

I wrote a post before this about how the Goths became so sick with their sick discount on militia starting 20% on dark!!!

Actually with their free loom too, they became so annoying, and all the players do the same strat with them, sending forward vill early and kill your boars with their stupid bonus vs boars and walls your resources or build a barrack in your base!!! It is not funny at all, playing against this cancer civ became so annoying specially with their new free loom and 20% discount in dark and kill boar bonus!!! Playing against them became really sick and make you drop the game or even stop playing!!!

What to do?!
-Remove the stupid free loom from them
-Remove the stupid 20% discount in Dark on their militia

At least with this it can be consider as any other civ!!!


Another rage post about the OP Goth?


My only concern with goths is how to play against them when I am Vietnamese.

Maybe drush into knights? I don’t know. I am bad at drushing and quick-walling, so in my case I cant blame goths

Drush against Goths is the stupidest thing that anyone may do, because they will drush you more with their stupid cheap militia

So the issue here is, the Goths arent OP, right now I’d actually say they are pretty closed to as balanced as they’ve ever been. The Goths have always been designed to have to be ultra aggressive to have a chance at winning, and that holds true. Of course ultra aggressive play styles can definitely be more stressful for some, and not as enjoyable to play against, for others like myself though, it’s quite a lot of fun. I think it’s good that there are civs which are designed in a way that to play them right you have to break with popular metas. Keeps the game interesting.

That said I understand why you don’t like to play against them, but fortunately it is just one civ of 35. I’d just suggest keeping your scout around the front of your base as much as possible in early dark age to try to catch the laming vil, if you kill it now you have an automatic vil lead, which is a huge advantage.


I am not saying OP, but after the last buffs they became so sick with their stupid same strat, enenmy sending forward vill early and kill your boars and wall your resources or build a barracks in your base…the devs gave them many buffs in DE

i think too many people got caught up in the wall up your base and defend until castle age of “old” arabia.

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And how to deal with killing your boars with their stupid vill?!

except that strat didn’t become popular until well after the buffs happened, so it wasn’t “after the last buffs”

lure early? also, heaven forbid something doesn’t conform to the meta. heaven forbid we see something different.


This is not a solution, and this ofcourse will change your build order

why does it need a solution? just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean its not a perfectly valid strategy.


Vietnamese have knights with bloodlines so Huskarls in castle age aren’t (at least per se) a huge problem for them. Other than that Vietnamese can play archers in feudal age with way better eco and pressure the Goths just as Mayans can. In imp it’s indeed pretty bad for Vietnamese but they have enough options until that stage.

Well, it’s the old problem of having a civ that isn’t all to great but still extremely annoying and by succeding with laming and drushung can be very powerful. I think both arguments are fair and to me it seems ultimately it’s a decision that it is less about balancing but more about should there be a mediocre civ with such a huge potential to be annoying in dark age.


Yeah that’s definitely the case. Personally I enjoy playing against civs that require you not to play standard. It just keeps the games fresh.

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I almost use my 7th vil every time to lure the boar. Why it is not a solution? And you have your scout against the forward vil. Or maybe research loom earlier??
He does not have 1 vil lead if he sent a forward vil to lame.


i have no issue with this, as it means different matchups are different.

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I think your best chance is to try to attack in feudal, and take and advantage. The trick is to reach castle age before them.

Against late game goths, I find elephants + imperial skirm a good combo. Micro the skirms against the halbs, and let elephants deal with the rest


I think vietnamese just need to tech switch into champs in imp. You’re only missing the last attack upgrade, while the goths are missing the last defense upgrade. Pair that with imp skirm to stop them from going hand cannons and you should be good.

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Well, Vietnamese are missing BF is worse in melee fights, so Goths have a big advantage over Vietnamese in imp.


I said drush because vietnamese has instant scouting info, so they can use this bonus for doing extra early pressure

But i think the only one that can drush goths confortably are lithuans with vietnamese ally

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What??? The last attack upgrade is 2DMG, the armour is only 1. So goths are winning 1v1. AND they’re training them MUCH faster for MUCH less… Meaning they’re hands down winning group fights.

While i like the idea… Its always easier said than done. Unless the goth is stupid they’ll mix their halbs and karls. So either you’re over killing halbs with micro’d skirms or you’re wasting skirm shots on karls… In the meantime the halbs are exploding the eles like balloons… And they only need a few karls to (EASILY) out flank the slow eles and eat the skirms…

Either way eles are slow, train slowly and cost a bomb to tech so can either be side stepped or rushed before crit mass…