The Sultanate of Delhi has changed its first temple to three priests in a game, which is a great change!

The Sultanate of Delhi changed its first temple to three priests in a game during the Age of Empire 4, which is a great modification! But now the first temple in the game still has only one priest and has not changed to three priests! Or is there only one

This update is rubbish for Delhi…you got it wrong.

Because you will only have these 3 priests in the last age, and they only appear when building a specific landmark.

Honestly, I don’t see the benefit only at the end of the game… ages 2 and 3 are decisive… so you won’t get a proper advantage from this.

There is a bug to report with the first madrasa ( or Hisar Academy):

IF when you build your first Madrasa/the Landmark; you are at POPULATION LIMIT (i.e. 100/100); you will not spawn the 3 scholars; but if you continue to make more and more madrasa while REMAINING AT POPULATION LIMIT, the moment you make more houses you will instantly spawn 3 scholars PER madrasa already completed at the time that you increased your population.

There is no limit you can go into a cheat game if you want and instantly build like 40 madrasa THEN build houses after and you’ll spawn 3 scholars per madrasa infinitely!!