The Teutons free melee armors

I created this account just to speak about this, and I think I will speak about many things later, that make the game is becoming frustrating to me, and lead me thinking to leave it completely.

I think Teutons in general, is the most civ that have bonuses in the game, they literally have tons of bonuses at any aspect in the game. Then after all, the devs keep giving them more and more! The last thing was the free +2 melee for stables and barracks unite which is too toooo much.
-In 1v1 fight knight vs knight in the castle age, the Teuton knight kill a generic knight with more than 20hp left@
-In 1v1 fight in the castle age vs camel raider, camel raider win with only 10hp left!
-In 1v1 fight imperial age, Teutons Paladin kill Franks Paladin.

On the other hand, Monks have nothing to do vs Teutons knights, they counter monks ez due to their own bonus vs monks, which make countering them harder and harder, in the castle age, you, as a cav civ (Franks/Khmer, etc…) it is so hard to deal with them with their +1melee, you already lost your advantage with their free +2 melee, your knights are nothing your monks are nothing, just why Teutons have so many buffs and bonuses!!!

IMO the melee armor for their stables need a nerf, even Camels are struggle with them, most of the melee fight vs them is useless and not fair to give them +2 free melee.

I have 3 options for Teutons, applying 1 of them will be good imo:

1st option: Make their bonus only +1 melee for them not+2. And this 1 melee should be in imp not in castle.
2nd option: Add their +2 melee to their castle age UT (Ironclad) but not free and increase the tech cost.
3rd option: Remove their plate barding armor.

I will talk for now just about nerfing the Teutons, however, I am not satisfied at all about the civs match up for civs against other especially for one who play random.


It is not funny when you get a random match up, and in first 5s in the game you will know who will win by reading only the civs name! It is not funny to let 5 years old kid pick Mayans/Aztecs/Franks and reach 2K by only doing this!!!

Until when the devs will keep ignoring these unfair things and make all civs balanced very well!!! All what I see is that the weak civs are getting weaker and the stronger civs getting stronger!!! This become not funny at all, I wonder if AOE3 is better or AOE4 will replace this!

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You’re overestimating teuton, they’re not an above average civ on arabia. They have some good match-up but they fall flat vs CA civs, and the lack of husbandry and light cav hurts a lot aswell.

Anyway I agree that the double buff on the melee armor was a bit too much, it makes them really too strong on closed map where all their bonuses and their tech tree line up perfectly. I think that changing the bonus to +1 since castle age for both infantry an cav should fix them, it shouldn’t make too much of an impact on arabia and would make them a little bit more balanced on arena.


They don’t have a bonus vs monks and I think their lack of husbandry makes them roughly equal to a knight going up against a monk with husbandry.

Free +2 melee for both Barracks and Stables is really too too much, +1 is more than enough

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They have. Their units have resistance vs conversion.

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Vs conversion not bonus damage against them. And conversions are pretty random.

Yeah monks don’t counter them.

But still you have to keep in mind Teuton knights are only better against melee units than regular knights, ranged units are a good counter to Teuton Knights because they don’t have husbandry.

This is true, but a lot of them are situational at best.
TC holding10 extra people doesn’t do much for you, neither does Towers.
Monks having double healing range is nice but monks are niche and don’t hold up well in the long run.
free Murder Holes and Herbal Medicine don’t mean much as both are rarely taken in MP games.
the farms being cheaper is a solid bonus.
and the extra armor on their units is offset by the fact that it’s only melee armor, and their cavalry lacks husbandry.

yeah because you know, Teutons are such a great civilization that they are overbearing - except they aren’t.

and yet their knights are slower then their opponents.

and yet the camel riders cost less and take less time to train.

and? Franks are still the favored civ because their knights are faster, their bonuses are more streamlined, and their knights are better against archers.

because they were a weak civ before DE because most their bonuses are niche.

and so now a middle of the road civ would become a weak civ again.

except some civs will always be better then others.

Mayans are a top civ right now, but if your opponent is goths, good luck to you.
and if you’re Teutons, good luck against anyone who gets Lithuanians.

5 year olds wouldn’t have the skill and mechanics to get to 2k.

the game is better balanced now then it has ever been. do some things need some slight tweaks? sure. but balance is far better then it was 3 years ago.

really? because they have nerfed Mayans, Aztecs, and Franks all in the past year, all while repeatedly trying to buff civs that were viewed as weaker like Portuguese, Koreans, and Italians.

Age 3 doesn’t have a prayer of replacing Age 2. it is the red headed step child of age games.
Age 4? People are both hopeful its a good game and at the same time they are concerned.


Unfortunately, I am not a patient person to relpy to your newspaper.

Have a good day.

is it just me or anyone else feel some Equalizer vibes?


if that is true, why are Teutons an average civ at best?

and yet they are slower then other civs knights.

says the guy who wrote a newspaper.

definitely. especially when you see phrases like this

and you add stuff like this.

and stuff like this


i created this account just to speak about this

sounds fishy


They can be easily counted with archers. They nearly have no answer to archers.

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On arena they are tbh.

Btw when people look at their melee armor always think to cavalry. But honestly their stable is crap in a lot of situations without husbandry and light cav, their cavalry is basically only good for trying some snowball push in castle age with siege.

I think the suspect part of teutons is +2 melee armor in imp for infantry, when in conjunction with heavy siege + their defences and their eco, it makes a really unbreakable combo in situations where mobility and counter raids aren’t an issue, which aren’t that uncommon.

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oh wow. on one type of map. heaven forbid Teutons are good at SOMETHING.

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cav archers pretty much wreck teutons entire day.


Yeah run circles around them. Even foot archers are quite deadly. I imagine they would struggle hard against masses of longbowmen. Let’s not forget they missing gold shaft mining as well.

It is fishy but it feels nice knowing there’s always Equalizer in this forum to troll us to death.


alot of missed shots but still yea

especially a longbow deathball