The text is not appearing

Hi I installed my Steam AoM. The text is not appearing on the menu. Its just blank red boxes, I went to setting there too I cant see the text.

Regarding Texture Missing. Its not a game problem It is a windows problem. While they were adding language features they messed up with the creators update. So went searching for Texture option and found it had not installed the language features. After installing it and making English(USA) as default the text appears. IT also requires reboot. Wait for sometime it will install additional features. The windows x pro systems which have more than 1 language preference face issues occasionally. Solved . Both AoM and AOE2HD works now. Just for trouble shooting I selected Tamil as default and keyboard option and restarted the game. the text disappeared.
PS : hereafter if windows x reports installing additional features wait for it to finish to avoid hair pulling experiences like this.