The top reviews on steam ask for more zoom and increased pop cap

Was checking on steam just now, apparently the game is rated very positive so far, but sorting my the most popular reviews (the ones with the most “helpful” votes) It seems that whether they like the game overall, or were disappointed, people agree we should have the option to zoom out more and an increased pop cap. Whether these issues are significant enough for them to rate the game positively or poorly, it seems the majority of people think these would be good changes (as well as hotkey options)


Overall I have to agree with them, especially the top rated one, and the not reccomended one, which both got over 1000 helpful votes.

The game has huge potential, there are just a few key things we need to see this be an Age game that stands the test of time and brings many new people to the series.
Increased zoom out and in options
More hotkey options (especially mouse buttons)
and increased population cap.

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The zoom part I agree with.
But I don’t get all the population increase posts. As an option in custom games, sure, that would be a nice addition. But 200 pop is kind of the standard for AoE games, I think it’s a good default value for quick matches and ranked games.

Plus, for having played team games with over 200 pop in AoE II, it can often devolve into an infinity war with endless waves of units. That’s fine for custom games, but I wouldn’t like having to deal with that in a ranked game


Yes, I think they are asking for higher pop in custom games.


I’m about to write mine after buying and playin for a couple hours.

Hotkey options, zoom and horrible UI are the key concerns for me, and then there is a long list of QoL things that we have had for 20 years… Like waypoints showing. Like ungarrisoning villagers to a waypoint (TC hopping). Like unit responsiveness.

This game is not ready yet… They hit the budget or time limit and released it… but I cant afford to buy a unfinished game at this stage.


Agreed. It’s just not finished.

They should have delayed it 6 months at least.


after reading on reddit I completely forgot about this as well!
there are so many little QoL things that are missing from previous games…

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I don’t agree with zoom level higher up. It’s not a sky sim. This is a classic RTS. People got spoiled on Total war and on that I agree. I would love to have seen AoE4 have 500 pop cap. But the game is still fun. Needs more Civs.

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You haven’t played other age games enough to notice their zoom?


Dude, the TC takes up half the screen. You can barely see outside of TC range. In other Age games the TC would not even take 20% of it and TC range would only cover like 60%, which means you could center you vision on the enemy TC and still have a lot of room to click around it, seeing whats on the other side, avoiding getting shot, etc. Now if you are centered at your units, you barely see the TC when outside its range, and have no idea whats on the other side, unless you scroll away from your units.

The assymetric civs thing isnt really that assymetric now that we have seen them. Its slightly more than AoE2, less than AoM. Not SC level. Not WC level – I mean, we are all the same race in AoE and the game has to keep within historical borders somewhat, but still… Only the Mongols feels slightly different.


FWIW, I want to be able to zoom in more, so I can have a closer look at my units and other things on the map.


yeah id like to see more options on both ends

the key is options
so people can play how they like :slight_smile:

hotkey options too pls

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This is all stuff that has been known since the insider beta. They just didn’t listen to the feedback at all.


I agree, I suggest we should be able to zoom in to half the current most zoomed in width, and zoom out to double the current most zoomed out width.

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yep, ive been asking for this feature since the closed beta

then open beta came around and they gave us like 1 ONE extra scroll out which is basically nothing

and some people started defending the devs saying we are complaining for wanting more zoom options.

I have to hand it to the devs, Its obvious that they made a tiny change, and announced it so that they could act like they changed it already and “were never satisfied” despite the fact they never really changed it meaningfully at all.


Yep, I also did exactly the same!
I remember during the closed beta, I was able to zoom in really close and to see the building and unit details. Now I cant enjoy those small details bcse I the max zoom-in lvl is too far away and cannot enjoy my units as I did in the closed beta.

About the 200 pop, I also gave a thumbs down for it.

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Ranked is ranked, it will be locked at 200…
You don’t see 500, 400, 300 pop ranked games!

Most of the people play custom games with friends and build large armies to penetrate other players’ castles or city etc. People like to imagine, not competing. This is why so many people request higher pop.

Okay so all I’m gonna say is Empire Earth 2

In like 2005 mind you. It’s got nothing to do with how computers will handle it or even “balancing” they’re just lazy. Allowing more units would mean people would want more unit types to fill their armies. This game is so unpolished, consider even other age games, where’s the advanced commands, where’s the guard, follow, formation commands that aren’t ■■■■, why can’t I put a springald on a wall. These are all symptoms of a rushed development and take two trying to go more toward their style of rts rather than the original vision ensemble started.

Still a decent game but at the end of the day I feel like I’m playing a watered down version of age 2, or even age 3, sure 3 had the pop count issue but also EVERY civ got 2 unique units and they all felt unique, I don’t get that from 4 unless I am mongols but I also personally hate how the mongols play.

Honestly I’m this close to playing wars of liberty on age 3 just because it has more factions and feels actually satisfying and different. IDC if I win as the hre or the abbasid I don’t really feel like they’re all that different.

Even the Chinese chu ku nu, where did they go.
Why don’t the cannons and cannonballs affect infantry like in age 3, where they blow back half the line and you can see the cannonball bouncing. Some of the animations feel like they’re straight up retextured from age 2.

And don’t even get me on ship clipping which has been a major annoyance throughout the entire franchise.

I’ve been waiting since I was literally 13 for this game to come out and i am honestly very disappointed.

Is the first DLC really scheduled for 2023?

Pretty much everything requested here is necessary. Patrols, custom ability to play with higher unit count, higher zoom level. The Text for the UI is also garishly big and hides the action. It’s ridiculous.

Only thing Idgaf about is the score. Use scouting.