The two things I really like about AoE4 and think should be added to AoE2

Hello. What the title says.

No. 1: Being able to put units on walls.

  • I think this is a super cool mechanic, and a really fun thing to have. If AoE2 was to add this, it would probably be needed that only stone walls can do it, and to get onto the wall, units now have to move through a stone gate attacked to the wall. Units would likely have to be limited to one per wall tile, except when moving. It would also give siege towers a greater purpose, because now they can unload onto walls, rather than beyond walls. This incentivizes the use of stone walling in the game, which people really do, and I find it a very enjoyable mechanic of AoE4.

No. 2: Buildings being set on fire.

  • This would build realism for AoE2, as well as making certain units more desirable. The more flames are visually on a building, the faster it takes damage. Buildings don’t lose health while being repaired, and after a certain amount of repairing the flames should disappear totally and the building will no longer lose health. This would also be cool.

My priority would be to have units climb on walls. It would be very cool to watch, and might open up some interesting new strategies. What do people think?

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I think that units on walls would be seriously impractical without reworking the game completely.


I think it would work fine if implemented correctly.
And it’s 2021, they should be able to do it easy.

I don’t think features from new games should be implemented on age2. That’s why you make new games after all, bring new features without affecting people who like the old game. They would heavily affect the balance aswell, in the end borrowing features from other games is how we got trainwrecks like Cumans, Sicilians and Burgundians that are still unfixed.

Even a decent lobby system should be implemented easily, but still…


can’t agree more :slight_smile:


We do have burgundy with aom mechanic sicilians with aoe3 mechanic so why not one form aoe and aoe4 as civi specific thing.

But changes like this should not be done to the base game at all.

And look at how many people actually like revolution and first crusade…


Indeed those didnt really have the effect devs expected.I personally feel if different civis got these it might have been better with bohemians get the revolution and swiss getting first crusade.

There’s an interview out there where MattP talks about how they had tested units on walls back when developing Aoe1/2 but found that it didn’t fit in the game.


Actually Viper used very well First Crusade. I think this will change the permeability of this kind of mechanic in player base

Just because he used it well doesn’t mean it’s well liked.


I didn’t play the game to much but this mechanic would be good to have it in AoE2

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Of course not, Im’ just risking a pronostic, man…

It is a nice QoL mechanic but I’m not too sure if this fits with AOE2 since it would take away even more eco micro. “auto everything” argument I guess

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But the game engine is from 1997.