The unique techs

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I was thinking of the unique techs research, as you all know you can do this research starting in the castle age but you need to build a caslte of course, i was thinking it will be better if we could do it by the TC instead of building a castle to do it, or at least not for all civs but for some of them because if the mayans -for example-could do their tech in the TC in early time to have +6 attack in buildings it will be a disaster. I think they should allow some civs to have their unique techs able to do in the TC, and those techs of course should not be military techs.

For example the Mongols first tech, is that if the houses have been destroyed it will not lose their population, like this tech i think it would be fine if we can do it in the TC. With this too i suggest to have 2 kinds of techs, one for military and other for general or eco things, the military should be able only to do in the imperial and by the castle, and the other unique tech should be able to do in the TC in the caslte age

So what do you think?

That would break the game in some regards and give less of a reason to make a castle in this first place. The Goths would immediately be able to get Huskarls upon hitting the castle age for example.


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It would require changing some unique techs and rebalancing the game. Not a fan of this idea


I’m not even sure putting some unique techs in the TC would be that good, as it will make the TC unable to make villagers while it’s being researched. You could argue it’s still better than needing a castle but it’s still not that groundbreaking.

So you can put UTs in 2 categories: the Forgotten empire civs and the Goths in the group of civs designed with 2 UTs in mind, and then AoK+AoC civs that weren’t made like this.

This category can be further split:
_the buffs (like Franks, who were weak so they got a good UT)
_the average (stuff like chieftains, obsidian arrows before they were buffed, ect…)
_the fillers (stuff like stronghold and nomad cuz their civs didn’t need buffs, like AT ALL)
_the fails (RIP madrasah)

Basically, the only thing really needed is to buff the fails and leave them as castle UU, as everything else hat is bad is likely this way on purpose.

I was thinking about similar idea. Some unique techs are pretty expensive for it’s effect in castle age in my opinion.

My suggestion is some unique techs could be also available in standard buildings for a higher price.

In example Madrasah needs a castle and 200food and 100gold right now with this kind of change it can also be able to research in monastery with a higher cost 300food 500gold(idk about cost balance)

With some balance changes,this idea might work for UT’s in general imo.


Yeah I think you’d need to be really careful about which techs this would apply to. This idea might make more sense as a civ bonus for an entirely new civ. That way its something interesting and unique and you could balance the new civs techs end military around this concept.

Not a fan of breaking the tech tree layout. Every civ should have a similar tech tree layout, that’s what of the defining characteristics of AOE1&2.

It’s okay if every civ has a unique tech that can be researched at the town center. But then the entire game would need to be rebalanced and that would take a lot of work. Setting aside elite unit upgrades at docks, one civ shouldn’t have a unique tech that only they can get on a different building.

Actually a civ bonus could be: "UTs available in the university ". This could be very useful for the civ having this bonus for some techs (like monk and naval techs).

However it would be just one civ having this bonus. Maybe Saracens?


I was hoping when DE first came out that each civ would get a third unique tech, and it would be available earlier, at the TC in either castle or feudal.


Well a third unique tech seems a good idea, and they should make it happen in the feudal age, or just as i said to make the normal unique techs can be research in the TC

Yeah this is good but no need to change the cost

Just make the unique techs appear for all in the TC or to their own buildings, like the UT for siege available in siege workshop, the UT for cavs available in the stable and so on…but ofcourse all the strong UT for military should be only appear in the imperial age and you need to build a castle to research it, just for more balance

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I think everyone agrees on unique techs being a cruicial part of the… uniqueness of a civ and they are most of the time really cool and again unique. But with 35 civs in the game there is almost no room for new technologies that wouldn’t overlap with others or are just slight variations of another technology.
(e.g. Arson, Obsidian Arrows, Manipur Cavalry, Saracens Bonus, Indian Camel Bonus).

If new techs are REALLY necessary and not just a just for fun addition (which at this point I think it is), generic techs should be introduced like Arrowslits back with AK.

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I’m gonna go out on a limb and state that unique techs being castle locked is what helps balance them.

Imagine persians, franks, or cumans with their unique techs at the appropriate building instead of at the castle. It would be a nightmare.


Yeah this why i said just the normal UT not the powerful military UT

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Honestly I’d rather have a useful rework of these techs than have them somewhere else to research. Nomads, Madrasah, Stronghold or even ATHEISM could (but in my opinion don’t need) some changes because they almost never get researched. These techs are just so situational because AOK civs don’t need them :slight_smile:

Yeah i know, actually for example the mongols first UT “nomad”, i never researched it, so to make it useful just make it a normal tech that can be research in TC or university and so on other normal UTs.

Let’s say it was this way. Nomads would still be a bad technology and very situational. If you haven’t researched it in the past why would you do that now? Mongols have a Castle in almost every game that goes beyond Feudal and it’s still not worth it, is it?
I mean in which situation would you research it and still be in the game? The only situation I can imagine is 4v4 Black Forest where the Mongols player gets stomped and has to flee. Maybe role playing in scenarios? But certainly not in 1200+ 1v1 RM.

My idea was in general not only the mongols, i mean the devs should just make the normal UT apear in the TC and in early time maybe in feudal

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