The unique units must be more viable

I don’t know if this like a hobby for the devs or not, but i think they really like to kill the UUs and make them useless. The newest example are Litits and Konniks and Arambai and in the other hand we have tons of useless UUs. When the DE show up, people were using the UUs for the new civs so much like Litits and Konniks and in other hand many people start to say they are OP and then woooop no UUs. I don’t mind to nerf the strong or OP UUs, but my main idea is just can’t we have a good solution between making them useless or OP?! I mean this is really what the devs do, they are just killing the UU completely or either OP nothing in between.

The main point is that we really need to make the UUs more viable and ez to use and at the same time not OP but it seems this is not the case.
Konniks now are fighting like a slow motion 11, i mean they are too slow when attack and they are not cheap to mass; Litits have 1 pa and 70 food cost and 50 gold which is not something helpful for this as a UU, Mamelukes are useless and not worthy, Arambai is now very week and have 0 Pa already, Kipchak have 60 wood cost and lack the last range and it is the weakest CA but we can say it fine for now because we see this unit viable with Cumans but they need a minor buff, Boyars really good but too expensive and need a little cost reduction, and i know that we have other UUs rarely to see like the Persian war elephant and Khmer ballistic elephant but it is fine because these units are very deadly and have no counter!

So what do you think? Do you think we should be ez to switch to UU and yeah many will say it needs 650 stone and bla bla bla and everyone knows if the UU is worthy you will do a castle like Mongols, Spanish, Portuguese and Vikings, etc. So what do you suggest?


most unique units are fine. the problem is the game is too fast for unique units to even be feasible.


The game is fine and you can build a castle, but there is a big difference between a worthy UU and usless one.

and most unique units aren’t useless. they might be NICHE but they aren’t useless.


Yeah including the cost they are but not as the UU itself, but we have even very weak UUs with weak basic attack/armor and much be better. The main idea is that we really should have the UU as another military choice right?! But no it is not.

again, most unique units aren’t weak, the problem for most of them stems from two things.

  1. The game is getting faster, which means the game ends before they really have a chance to come out.
  2. they require a castle to make, and you rarely see more then 1 or 2 of those in castle age.

Yeah i agree, but that doesn’t mean there is no weak UUs right?! I mean look at the Arambai and Litits and Mamelukes. They are expensive, they are weak, they are hard to mass, they have weak attack either weak armor with great cost especially the Mameluks. In other hand we have to Konniks, they are so slow and fight like a turtle, we have the Indians UU which is like a meme unit and once the people see it they start to lough, we have useless elite upgrades for many UUs and not worthy to upgrade because there is not that big differene between the normal and the elite one!

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Arambai aren’t weak, Leitis is niche but not weak. Mamelukes simply need a price reduction.

the only unique units which need any love imho, are the two ranged elephants, the mameluke (price reduction), and maybe something to make missionaries a little more appealing.

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The Arambai have 0 Pa and Burmese only have 1 archer armor upgrade so yeah Arambai is now after that last nerf is really weak and die ez. Mamelukes is weak against anything, Mamelukes have a camel class and archer class and uu class and Mameluks class itself! So by this, this UU die to anything move, this unit even die against the generic heavy camel! Litits were fine and didn’t need a nerf except a little for it’s first cost and now they have no chance, Konniks slower than the turtle in any side.

and yet the pros still use the unit. food for thought.

we’ve had this debate already - suffice to say i disagree with you, and even the pros only complaint about the unit is the cost. i have literally never heard them cry about the archer armor class, especially since they shred both huskarls and skirms.

provided the heavy camel can get to them.

Leitis still shred melee units. they are incredibly niche now, but it is what it is.


Especially they are not! You need a big mass to kill the cheap dirt Huskarl with it’s 6 Pa and 10 attack rather than the bonus attack vs archer class they have! Skirms hunt the Mameluks one by one and Mamelukes need a mass to kill this death ball which is of course not worthy to make because it is better to go with scouts and mangonels which they are cheaper!

6 pierce armor doesn’t mean crap against mamelukes. your whole 2 melee armor is going to get laughed at.

why would i send mamelukes one at a time against skirms? makes zero sense.


And why would i even make them?!

point being all the crying about the archer armor class is weak as crap, they take a whole 4 bonus damage from skirmishers, but unlike archer units, mamelukes deal melee damage, and will rip skirms apart.
furthermore mamelukes have 130 hp, unlike most cav archers, which have 80. and those take 6 bonus damage.

130 hp and 4 bonus, and able to do melee damage to skirms
or 80 hp and 6 bonus damage and able to do pierce damage to skirms.
which one is the clear winner?
your complaints fall deaf on my ears.


UU are generally viable on closed maps. There are some UU that you should pretty much never make, but those are outliers. On open maps, yeah, not all games even make it into Castle Age, and even if they do, Castles aren’t always viable.

mmm Leitis are stupidly strong, they can cost effectively fight Paladins, which is a common unit of choice in team games.

Mamelukes are situational, they are the BEST at shredding Paladins, but not really useful for anything else. I would probably agree that the unit is completely useless in a 1v1 situation, where you’re much better off with Camels.

The Arambai, yeah, they kinda suck, they tend to miss units right in front of them, but they are situationally useful, they’re very good against buildings.

Completely agree on Elephant Archer though, I don’t think there’s ever any situation in any game where you should make that unit.

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Yeah but again, you need a mass right? With 85 gold have fun. 2nd, which i better against trash unit like skirms?! A trash like them right? Skirms or scouts. 3rd, as UU like the Mamelukes that have tons of classic armors this make them weak to many units.

like i said, i agree they should be cheaper.

gasp. its almost like the mameluke is intended to be mostly an anti cavalry unit. this would be like complaining that the captaphract is weak to archers. clearly intended. its supposed to be good against cavalry counters and infantry.

do you complain about the jag warriors being weak against archers when its clearly intended to be anti infantry?

here using your logic let me make a list of units that beat the huskarl
literally almost any melee unit.

gosh the huskarl sucks, look at how many units counter it.


except in team games two players are going archers. your leitis are going to get shredded.

Tg are hard to predict. For example we usually have one dedicated douche/trush player, but not all teams do. Another team I know likes to include at least 1 Goth and swarm the enemy with Huskarls, etc. In the end, if you have Lithuanians, and your enemy has Paladins, then the Leitis is still a great choice against it.

yeah sorry, but i’m rarely seeing leitis in team games. and the times i have seen it, its gotten wrecked by those going archers.

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