The unique units must be more viable

These Unique Units are trash and need buffs, as well as Elite Arambai, Kipchak, Jannissary, Conquistador and Orjan Gun

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But the Huskarl is dirt cheap and with Goths bonuses and their flood nothing work against it, and it is already S tier UU (Ornlu) and good for raiding too and melt buildings



nothing works against goth flood? darn. why don’t more pros play as goths? besides that has nothing to do with your complaint. your complaint was how many units work against mamelukes. the same could be said about the huskarl.
my point was that just because a unit has a lot of counters doesn’t make it a bad unit. look at how many units are good against the pikeman. does that mean the pikeman doesn’t have a job it can do?


With all due respect, making every civ able to produce their UUs in generic buildings will broke the game as hell.

he literally acknowledged this himself in the few times hes brought it up, admitting that many unique units would need higher cost and training times or they would be just busted.


Every UU have maybe 1 or 2 counters at max, but not the Mameluks! They have 10 counters to them and lets make a comparison with Huskarl.

CA kill Huskarls? No
Skrims kill Huskarl? No
Xbows kill Huskarl? No
Longswords kill Huskarl? No
Light cav kill Huskarl? No.
Pikes kill Huskarl? No.
Heavy cavs and champs kill Huskarl? Yes byt good luck against Goths in imp.

Reult: have only 2 counters and very hard to deal with especially in imp.

Now Mamelukes:

Skirms kill Mameluks? Yes
Xbows kill Mamelukes? Yes
Pikes kill Mamelukes? Yes
Camels kill Mameluks?! Yes!!!
CA kill Mameluks? Yes
Cavs kill Mameluks? No.

Result: die to anything walk on the ground, fly in the sky, swim in the seas.

Castles should be cheaper, maybe they could have less HP yo compensate, but there is no real reason why UU shouldn’t be viable.

If the Game is too fast change a few things and adapt the UU yo this situation

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Castles are fine, but there are many UUs are useless

really? lets see. camels, pikes, and every archer under the sun beats leitis.
guess you’re wrong there.

aww now you’re lieing through your teeth.
skirms do a whole 4 bonus damage to mamelukes. how many of those are you going to need to kill a mameluke?
pikes can be microed against.
you shouldn’t be making a mameluke if your opponent is going archers anyway. its an anti cavalry unit.

but hey since each unique unit has only 1 or 2 counters lets take a look at some of the more common ones.
archer unique units lose to skirms, most cavalry, and eagles and of course huskarls.
most infantry unique units lose to archers, cav archers, and cavalry ofcourse, as well as siege.

ooops, i thought they only had 1 or 2 counters max. guess maybe you shouldn’t exaggerate.


Cav is not a real counter to Goth spam, because they have cheap Halbs.


Man, it depends on which UU you are up against, and there are tons of factors you didn’t mention. Well in general making a compariaon with every UU and their counters is not easy at all, because you should mention their bonuses, civ bonuses, costs and training times.

Yeah i told him good luck va Goths in imp 11.

Show some respect and read all first post before judge the idea 11

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I read it but still not a solution. The problem with the UUs is not the castle, but the UU itself.

I’m not insane, of course admit this because is logical, if you can train an UU from generic buildings TT should be adjusted, actually, Anarchy and Marauders work this way. That not disparage the idea of give UU more availability. Don’t twist the things please…


But my friend the problem is not with the castle, making the UUs works in buildings is not a solution at all

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Depends of the UU, not all have the same issues…

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also tarkans is one of the most not worhty UUs. İ just want all UUs should be atleast a good choice for some scenerios. most of them completly useless

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No, they do not. There is no way the Pikes ever catch up to the Mamelukes, Mamelukes are Camels, which are the fastest unit type in the game.