The Units problem

As the title states, shouldn’t Persians get the Ram Elephants, Archer Elephants and Spear Elephants as well ?
Since they train pure elephants… and I knew this would feel strange, since you train Elephants but you cant train something on top of them ? the whole units start to feel off…

But shouldn’t those civs get Elephant archer aswell ? Since Khmer has a Ballista Elephant, couldn’t they use Archer on top of them too ?


And other units getting Hussars, but they never had historically hussars… feels really strange. Like, why dont Magyars get Winged Hussar ?

I know there is sweat put into this beautiful game, but the more civs come, the more strange those things are.

I think leave non Indian civs the same. Burmese, Khmer, Malay, Viatnamese, Persians, etc. Takes away from the Indians being their own thing. Persains do not need battle elephants. They have paladins and War Elephants.

The Hussar is fine for those civs. Leave it the way it is.

I would really like Elephant Archers for Burmese that are affected by Howdah. That would give them something against Archers finally.


They’re supposed to represent historical light /medium cavalry. Not actually be hussars.

At the same time a lot of the stuff is done purely for balance/gameplay.

Like mesos. Only Aztecs should get eagles. Nevermind the madness of arbalest, siege weapons and steel smithing.

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