The updates are good, the game is so close to being great, but please ZOOM

I’ve been on these forums since the closed beta giving feedback, and honestly at the moment I have to say I’m pleasantly surpised at the updates and roadmap.

There is only ONE single issue to me that isn’t adressed (things like hotkeys and patrol have been mentioned by the devs)


I, and I am well aware of many others in the community, have been asking for the ability to zoom out more, to a level similar to Age 2 DE and Age 3 DE, since the closed beta. Yes it was slightly adjusted for the open beta, but we all know this was a superficial change of literally 1 scroll.

I just want the OPTION to be able to zoom out more so I can better control large battles, and see what my allies are doing easier.

Please relic! The game would be on the road to being a great AOE game in my opinion if this can get changed.

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