The updates

Hi everyone !

Although new civs have attracted a lot of attention, I think it’s also important to point out how well balance changes have been in this update (and the previous one as well).

I really feel changes are in the good direction and devs listen to the players. Like CA, Saracens identity, Arambai, Franks tweak, Italians or Huns UT whose concept was brought up during a topic on the forum.

I think at the exception of some underpowered units (hi Longswords) and few bonus, there are some nice work already done ! Now good luck balancing the new civs and fixing bug devs :wink:

(However if we’re going to have more DLC in the future, I hope players could actually test and help balance the civs before release… Just dreaming probably)

EDIT : of course few changes are yet questionnable, like Indians, I talk about the global evolution :slight_smile:


The full DLC is pretty much questionable… New civs are very much OP. I dont like pay to win mechanics.

Well I wonder what they were thinking with the DLC. I’m pretty sure people will still buy it if they’re interested, so no need to make civs OP and annoying at the release…

Remember when DE came out there were sick changes too and it feels a lot better now, so there’s gonna have a quick return to the right path :+1: If they don’t want everyone to flee ranked.

The 2 new civs were maybe not needed but I think it will bring more variety to the game when they’re gonna be fix. (not a big fan of the new one time UT mechanics or Coustilliers, but it is adjustable I think).

Point is, the other changes were nice at least :slight_smile:

I think that the new civs where not that bad for being new civs, but of course they need some fixing (like the coustelier or the first crusade…)

As for the changes on the old civs, I like all of them, and I’m really happy with them, though, some civs may need some more changes in the future (like franks or italians…)

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what kind of changes?

Well franks are still strong, especially because they the chivalry UT in castle age, so fox example it could be switched to imp with beard axe UT.

Italians on percentages on the other hands don’t convince some people, that they think that in feudal age they are still weak. I personally think that they are fine, and in case they’ll need a minor change or two, but others aren’t convinced by the nerf of the dock.

Burmese also are a big question, since they have the worst ranges, and now they arambai are changed, not for the best in my opinion…

Then there are other small changes like those three that aren’t too crucial but it would improve the balance overall, for example spanish, chinese, goths… all of them would benefit from minor nerfs or buffs.

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That’s something that I supported before the nerf, but since the nerf happened let the civ be ig. Especially since the devs made Burgundian, ig nerfing paladin timing isn’t in the store anymore.

I think that if you remove completely the berries you are very close to the bottom civ in the past. Before there were too strong. Probably now franks are in a real good spot…

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I was thinking about this :

  • Burgundians

Coustillier :

-1 PA (for a 5/5 FU)
Charge attack become +20/+25 / No extra bonus vs archers / Charge bonus now recharge only when the unit move / The charge bar will slowly decrease if the unit is not moving for some time / Recharge time 25 instead of 40s

Guilds removed from the tech tree

I also think Flemish revolution could be reworked a bit but I don’t know how yet


  • Sicilians

Serjeant :

-1 PA in Feudal age / -1 MA in Castle age (for a 6/7 FU)
-5g cost (for a 60F 30G)

First crusade :

each TC, up to 5, spawns a one-time group of 5 Serjeants (pop. space is needed to research the tech)
Serjeant creation time is 33% faster

TCs constructed 100% faster (from Feudal Age)

Transport ships +5 carry capacity and +5 armor versus anti-ship bonus damage