The Warchief Club | Weekly 1v1 open Tournaments

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share a tournament series I’ve been running almost since release. The Warchief Club is a 1v1 double-elimination open tournament with prizes. Originally a bi-weekly event, it’s now three separate weekly events for various time zones (Oceania, Europe, and Americas) with monthly crowd-funded prizes.

It uses a mix of vanilla and modded maps as well as a draft civ system. Players like coRe, 1puppypaw, Wam01, PSiArc, NyanRacingCat, and many others have at some point played in it, so there is a healthy mix of high and mid-level players competing each week. You can find all prior events on Liquipedia.

In case anyone is interested in competing in it, here is the link to the latest one!

If you have any questions about the event, format, or anything, feel free to ask me!

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