The way aura bonuses are calculated

Do people like the way aura bonuses are calculated?
My opinion in short: auras should be based on the base stats, not the current stats (as they are now).

In case some people do not know:
Most upgrades/cards are based on the base stats of the unit. E.g. A musketeer (base damage 23) with the veteran upgrade and a 15% damage card has damage: 23 * (1 + 0.2 + 0.15).
Auras, however, are based on the current stats. E.g. A Spanish veteran musketeer with one missionary aura has damage: 23 * (1 + 0.2) * (1+0.045).

Now why I think that should be changed:

  1. The difference may be trivial in early games. However, the more upgrades you have, the better auras would scale. If you reach the guard upgrade, i.e. 150% of the base stats, and an aura would also give you a buff from that additional 50%. Now with a daimyo aura and a Golden Pavilion buff (they multiply on each other), you actually have 1.15*1.1*1.5 = 1.9 of the base stats. Close to an imperial upgrade.
  2. Nerfing the value of the buff would make the aura units too weak. In the early game, they should act similar like a card or tech at the same stage, which is 10~20% bonus. If aura units have even lower buffs, then they do not worth the investment, and would put the civ at a disadvantage compared to those that use standard techs or cards.

So, I think it would be better overall if the auras are based on the base stats, which would not affect early game or 1v1 in general (as there is not enough time for many upgrades), but could prevent the stats to skyrocket if the game lasts any longer.

What do people think?

For me the only aura that is lame is tepee’s one but Lakota can be defeated. Also Karni mata need a buff.
The units of these civs have less cards to boost them but Japan, too much stockable. Anyways their army is ashigarus spam that can be taken down by skirmishers.
Im talking about nr40