The wooly mammoth

I was thinking it would be nice if you added the wooly mammoth in a future patch. They existed during the stone age and tool age, and would only need to be a reskin of the elephant with a new name; the stats, animations and food content could be the same.

It would be a simple thing to add, but I think it’d be a pretty nice gesture, and it would be great to see villagers throwing spears at mammoths in the early game. :slight_smile:

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If there is ever further development on AoE:DE new content like this would be awesome.

Well I hope there is, because if they’ve abandoned this game already then there’s no way I’ll ever buy AoE II:DE.

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The elephants in the game are shaved wooly mammoths so they are in already.


You clearly didn’t even bother to read my post you moron.