The WORST meta ever

Only if they fix water gameplay.

Innovate so that, for 4 cats to play it like in AoE3 (my favorite of the franchise)? I am opposed, the changes in their proper measure and little by little.

That’s the most anti-competitive thing there is.

In SC2 this is not the case because there are not very different maps and the small differences between what benefits one civilization from another on a map is negligible. In AoE that cannot happen through the way of generating the resources and need to explore.

Start on a random map with Abbasids (e.g) and have a Mongolian highlands and an opponent a Mongol touch you and you already have less than 40% of winning as a base (then you can win if you are a much better player, but if you have a similar level, you are ■■■■■■■).

Well anyone who wants these cheese meta needs to go to another game get off this game stop ruining a fun game.

Sc2 was in close beta and beta for a very long time so game was ready for eSports at lunch…

I stopped playing all together, and after the patch today, I don’t think I will touch it for a while. The patch did nothing for me. You made mongols TR 30 seconds later? Okay… Big fix how??? You can still stone wall tower rush no one has addressed this, and on top of that they failed to realize that all civs can tower rush which is… very sad… Outpost should at this point in time be nothing more than a farm from wc3 or a human basic tower that just gives a lot of vision where you need stone to upgrade in age 2. That would hard lock all tower rushing strats. Now stone shouldn’t even be so easy to get in age 2, no unit can even kill stone walls until you get age 3 siege (unless you get rams but he can easily get spears or use vils to kill it horrible investment because they are going age 3 behind this tower rush which is super strong switch rn in the meta). So while you are getting a treb and it shoots slower than snot and does little damage for the most cost heavy wood siege unit you have to defend vs a untouched eco friendly build they did that crippled your economy. Note: ANY CIV CAN DO THIS AND IT IS STRONG WITH ANY CIV. Some are better than others like mongols/english/ and deli (cuz of free upgrades). This game I sadly won’t touch this patch or any for a long time. I lost to some people that were rank 10k while I was top 1k and they climbed and are now in top 2k on QM. When I would never lose to these people I just have no options vs them. Now I could just go french every game but what fun is that… civ diversity. right?.. Don’t even get me started on the whole play THIS civ on THIS map because it is the BEST and all other civs are trash on that map compared to it, like deli on mongolan heights… GL beaitng the double scout doc first into a fishing ship that attacks. Have a lot of fun with that play it every game I get that map wahoo! AoE2 had insane meta, so many builds were viable and even tower rush was a big thing for sure with certain civs. We don’t have enough civs to do the same thing as AoE2, we should look for a new solution and make big changes in big ways to the core of the game as many people have stopped playing all together. Just look at steamcharts…

I agree with you on the stone wall tower rush in Feudal. That happened predominately because Delhi players were desperate from a lack of other options. And Trebs probably need a little buff (must be VERY careful about this since they’re available in Castle - remember AoE2 has a similar situation with heavy fortifications before imperial age with no option to outrange them).

Other than that, the water map situation is mostly a water map situation. A lot of work needs to be done on water balance imo.

Also, team game maps are too big. There are several maps where you just can’t do a LOT of stuff because it takes too long to move around. I think the biggest issue here vs. AoE2 is AoE2 has quick walling and buildings count as walls. It’s much easier to restrict movement into/around your base in AoE2 and give yourself more time to respond to pressure. That and TCs being less effective against armored units in Feudal and Castle.

I feel that this is personal preference tbh, I enjoy the larger maps, and always felt maps in age 3 and 2 were too small.

I feel like this is an adaptability issue, do you build forward bases? Multiple groups of barracks/production near strategic points of the map? Or do you build everything from your base and dispatch from there? If it is the latter I believe that would be your issue, try building forward bases and using your production buildings to control areas.

Horsemen will now counter tower rush. If you start making horsemen in Age 2, with 7 or 8 horsemen you can easily destroy a tower. A few archers mixed in can take out spears or you can tank damage. I have been doing the same before batch so far tower rush hasn’t worked on me. I make counter tower on important resources.