The youtube channel has been deleted!


Warning the youtube channel of age of empires has been removed


No, it has not been removed, but MS lost control over the channel and someone “rebranded” it:


I hope Microsoft is trying to get control of the channel back. I’m suprised and dissapointed that the channel is still in someone elses hands.

I’ve un-subscribed for now, because I don’t want to support a channel-stealer.


How could they let this happen? Don’t they have any security messures in place?


LOL, whoever did this was little talented. He should use that talent somewhere else to be honest. And everyone, unsub this new channel and I don’t think this guy is trying to get any profits from us. I think he is tired of waiting about AOE IV news, so he took matter on his hands.


Someone clicked on a malicious link for sure.


Very likely. They should still fix it and they should communicate more clearly about the issue.


The community team posted to social media a little over a week ago thanking the community for reporting the issue.

The issue seems to be resolved now that the team has uploaded a couple videos about the music of AoE:DE and behind the scenes of AoE:DE.


I’m just curious, what was posted on the account when it was took away from MS control?

It is good that now everything was solved.