There are next to no game options when setting up a game. What game options would you like to see added?

I’d say Population Cap and amount of Resources on the map.

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Yeah some of the menus in the game seem like there must be more coming in the future since there will be like a screen that looks like it is for picking options, but then only have one option. Hopefully a lot more options come to custom games. Some things I would like:

  • Ending age
  • A post Imp starting age (all techs researched)
  • Resources on the map
  • Number of trading posts/sacred sites/relics on the map
  • Handicap options to make balanced games between players of different skills (looks like AoE2 is getting this next patch
  • Selecting player color/location (pocket vs flank) including the option to have multiple players as the same color and able to control the same units
  • Random civ option
  • More victory conditions (regicide, relics, sudden death, etc…)