There are things I understand and others I don't

I understand that if it’s about the name of the civ, the criticism for or against it makes sense. A civilization, whether variant or not, should have a civilization name for pure logic.

If it’s about the mechanics, you haven’t seen gameplay yet, so it’s too early to judge anything.

If it’s about the concept:

  • WE MUST REMEMBER that AoE2 has a DLC called “Dynasties of India,” which is the closest thing to variant civilizations.

  • WE MUST REMEMBER that AoE3 has minor civilizations and many mechanics that, according to some AoE(2) purists, “are not characteristic of AoE.”

AoE is not just AoE2. AoE4 won’t turn into a MOBA or lose its identity by trying different things with historically less relevant civilizations.

Personally, it’s almost unbearable the amount of complaints about things you haven’t even seen (it doesn’t make sense) or how some of you are so apocalyptic just because the game has MORE CONTENT (always ignoring the name issue).

What I don’t understand is that there are a lot of people who ask for innovation and then when you try to try new mechanics, it’s “missing AoE’s identity.” This situation almost makes me go to a psychiatric hospital (it’s an exaggeration, but it’s understandable).


These are my thoughts too!! Perfect!!!


You said exactly what’s going on, it’s all nonsense and exaggeration!! Let’s wait for more information and gameplay for you to discover how it all works!!

AoE 2 style variant civs would of been amazing :smiley:
a revolution mechanic for some civs would be very interesting like Hussite, Flemish, or Frisian revolution for the HRE.
Welsh, Irish, and Scottish revolution for the english
Breton, Norman, and Burgundian revolution for the french
The Chinese could have a revolution to overthrow the current dynasty and put a different dynasty in power.
there is so much potential here with the AoE 3 revolution mechanic
the revolutions could also be lead by a hero

I love people complaining about implementation without

1: Playing any of the content.
2: Seeing 1 variant civ out of 4, not having all the info is kinda difficult to base a truthful opinion.

Also can we have one thread instead of like 40 copies of the exact same topic?

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I understand you, that People all forgot a thing: MOBA heroes get upgrades by killing units, but AOE heroes get upgrades by research tech by costing resources. That won’t change AOE4 a bit because it does no harm to classic “more resources more power” principle.

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The thing that I don’t understand is why all of this worry about one variant civilization having a hero sort of unit that plays a big role? It’s not like they’ll only play with said hero and go around and nuke everyone down, no you still need a base, an economy, an army to fight along side your hero so people are just over reacting in my opinion and making baseless assumptions out of thin air to try and justify to not have this in the game.

I’m happy that the developers have the courage to try something a bit different, while also keeping AoE4 the same at it’s core. I’d justify this worry if it turns out to be the new way forward for this game, that from now on ALL the civilizations including all 6 that comes with this expansion and other that will follow afterwards is exactly the same way as the Jeanne 'arc civilization, then you get to worry and you will also get my support but until that happens which I believe will be never, I don’t understand this hate towards just one variant civ.

Who really knows maybe this will end up as a failure, it’s not like they cannot focus differently next time if this doesn’t go as planned, or we might like it a lot and want to see more of this uniqueness in the future. We really don’t know yet until we have tried it for ourselves.

The only thing that I can agree with is the poor name choice, for Jeanne 'arc but it’s not THAT of a big deal to me, I don’t love it but I can live with it should it not be changed.



From the Jeanne d’Arc civ page they clearly present her as a support hero. Who will summon like 3-7 units to fight with her. That won’t make a huge difference with usually armies of 50 units.

It’s not Warcraft where you have only 12–24 units in play and the blademaster can easily defeat half of your army.

This is a support hero with skills not much different from things that already exist in game (military school, economic bonus, king healing). And probably a hero that can be defeated by like 3-5 enemy units.

I don’t understand why people are so fanatic about descriptions and names. Just pretend that the civ name is “French” and not “Jeanne D’arc” and Jeanne Darc is just the variant bonus for the civ.

For example if you’d just pick the French civ and then the game asked you “Do you want to have +10/20/30% villager production, or do you want Jeanne Darc as a starting bonus”?

Wouldn’t be such a controversy, even though its the exact same gameplay.


The problem it’s not the concept of the variants (which it’s the same as DoI or aoe3 minor civs) but the the fact that they introduced the French 2 a second time.

The vanilla french are already heavily designed around the 100 years war, and adding a second civ based exactly on the 100 years war doesn’t seem like adding a new civ… and any new bonus just seems a waste of original bonus that could have been give to an actually new civ (being variant or not).

And I spoke about the French just become it’s the civ we know the most, it’s not like the other are fine.


How is this a problem when you haven’t even played the Jeanne 'arc civ yet? How do you know that it’ll be a waste of a civ? From what I’m hearing the Jeanne 'arc civ civ plays quite differently from the original civ French.

Again, if you play Jeanne 'arc and doesn’t like it still after giving it a fair chance then by all means you can come to the forums and write stuff like this, but why should any of us take your “assumptions” more seriously than from the streamers who actually have tried out all of these civs and they all seem to like it? I’ll trust them for the moment, and see for myself when this goes live.

You should write this way “I’m not sure if I am going to like this new variant civ direction but I will wait and give it a try before I start complaining or providing feedback.” Then I would support that 100%.

A few hero variant civs can expand the game to do a hero game mode better than a MOBA. I always found the MOBA genre to be very tactically limiting, and wishing they were more like AoE.
I do think that it would be better if hero variant civs have a different ranked queue like empire wars has in AoE 2. but still being able to use all the civs in custom lobbies.

I don’t agree with that. I think if they went with only real new civs we would have got only 2.5 or 3 civ, instead of 6, as it is considerably more work and they probably had to deal with their budget.

So maybe it feels like a waste, but it’s not like they could have done a full new civ in the same time.

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Well said.

I said in other post that its impossible to please everybody and no matter what they do is someone gets mad. If devs continue to listen this mob of players we might end up with none functioning game.

Just leave it. Devs already listened and made adjustments to make game more historically accurate than it was so be happy that voices were heard

Also part of me hoped that devs didn’t listen and change the names, because I knew it would just toss gasoline into fire and made ppl keep going


We will know for sure when we get to try them, for now I see no reason to separate the variant civs from the rest. I’ll give the developers the benefit of the doubt that they can make it work, and judging from all the different streamers they all seem pretty positive about this new direction so I’m all for it!

I’m not even bothered if I will not like all of the variant civs, for example the Jeanne 'arc civ sounds really cool and unique but will I want to play it? Time will tell, just happy that other people get more choices which is all that matters :slight_smile:

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Precisely, more gameplay options, new ways of making strategies, Age of Empires 4 is becoming a unique game!!

It would be interesting to see an Outback Octagon with only hero civs and if their hero dies they lose

More options, new ways, that’s what we’re looking for in an RTS!! Everyone without exception will play in their own way, whatever they find strategically fun, Age of Empires 4 is giving its players MORE OPTIONS!!


I doubt this will ever occur. Partly because it sounded to me like the only “hero variant civ” is Jeanne d’Arc. It sounded to me like Order of the Dragon would be based upon having an elite army (whatever that means - I’m guessing that they’ll have fewer, more powerful units). Zhu Xi’s Legacy is based on Neo-Confucianism (no idea how that will be implemented, but I’d expect more use of imperial officials. I do not expect it to have a hero unit, given that it was previously called the Empire of Jade). Ayyubids meanwhile sounds like a normal civ name (I don’t expect a hero unit for it outside of campaigns, though I suppose it could have a Sultan unit similar to the Mongol Khan - it was previously called Sultan’s army, after all).


Yes, it would be very interesting for all civilizations to play differently, it would be incredible!!!

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This is exactly what the community should understand, and still doesn’t!!! EACH CIVILIZATION PLAYS DIFFERENT!!! Man, it’s going to be AMAZING!!!

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