There are too many secret update in this game

Just now, my friends told me the Aztec’s slinger cards are nerfed, which are not mentioned in the newest update log.
I’m not sure whether the devs intentionally did this or just missed these details. But it has happened too many times ngl, from the first baseline update release (which missing many many change between legacy and DE), to the new USA dlc update (didn’t tell us that the outlaw units are not trainable for native Americans until age 3, and the 1.6x XP bonus fix to Torii).
Anyway, i think the devs should write down all the updates in release notes. These “tiny” updates are really important. Don’t hide these change until the community seek them out.


10 Otontin Slingers card delivers 9 Otontin Slingers? It must be a bug. Card was nerfed by mistake or it is just a wrong description and card still delivers 10 Slingers.
Anyway, it is strange that bugs like this are being added in a hotfix patch which is supposed not to change Aztec balance at all.

Of course I agree that all balance changes should be described in detail in patch notes.

I think you need to move this issue into “Report a bug” category for developers to fix.

I don’t know whether the change about Otontin card is intended or not, but discordances among card images, card names, card descriptions, and card effects are a common thing. It seems like AoE3:DE is an Indie game.

Kind of like when they added autoscouting without including it in the changelog or when suddenly your opponent can revolt after you revolted without having kept revolt window open or aged to IV after you revolted. Way too many changes where you don’t know if it’s a bug or if they just didn’t include it in changelogs because it was a controversial change. Other than just causing dissatisfaction it makes bug reports way less likely to occur for the unintended stuff when you have no idea what is or isn’t intentional as the game gets more and more warped from what it’s supposed to be according to these wholly inadequate change logs.

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Did they changed the mechanic to do gates ?

Previously : You select multiple long walls, and then clic on gates and they all become gates

Now: You select multiple long walls, and when you clic on gates only one wall will convert to gate ! and you have to repeat clic to do each wall as a gate