There is a new queue system in the lobby browser, kek

I’m not sure if anyone is noticed this, but lately when trying to do a cba or some other custom game, do you find that you can’t find any?
Well I’ll tell you why. There is now a queue system for visibility.
This means it takes around 20-30 minutes for a person to be able to see your game once you make the lobby.

(I posted a screenshot of this, but they removed it, so just take my word for it.)
Wowww, sure looks like nobody is playing cba today, despite that fact that when I search by region, there is at least TWENTY CBA lobbys that are being hidden.

Ok, ok i get it, I understand that microsoft is a small indie company, but maybe you could put some of that money you earn from your sales towards giving us a useable server.

Even voobly had no issues like this with their servers, and they have almost no funding, whats your excuse for ruining the custom lobbys?


That’s because the auto censor is broken, unless it was manually removed by a moderator, try just retaking the screenshot and posting it again.

This is a joke right? I definitely assume so, but it’s hard to tell sometimes, just off reading text.

If this is true, then this must be just a bug. So report this as bug.

You arent trolling, arent you?!

that is a memes. they’re just a small indie company, don’t have high expectations


Had the issue yesterday. I host for nothing many times. After 10 minutes hosting for cba, I always close the lobby and join another one. and in the other one, no one saw mine…

i wouldnt say 20-30 mins but it is pretty long. all dependent on the old lobbies to either be canceled or start first b4 new lobbies show itself

They’re very aware of the lobby bug (easily 1 in 4 threads in the bug forum are about this issue). What can we do? Microsoft has broken the game for us.

The number of new users from xbox isn’t a lot as a support cost. Microsoft refuses to allocate the basic resources to give us working servers. Maybe we should go back to community supported servers and publicly give Microsoft the middle finger. They will take our money and give as little in return as possible.

In addition, I wish aoe2insights would fix their analysis creation. Ah well, at least they’re a third party doing it probably unpaid, the devs taking this long to fix these bugs is another story.

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Yesterday, in 2 hours I wasn’t able to play to cba. 3 lobby was broken (no host in it) and when I try to host after 15 minutes it’s not display on lobby browser.