There is hope for Hill of the First Cistern

I’ll start the post here but I’ll have to revisit it with details.

But the simple idea is momentum or tempo. It’s a get going and never stop going, always trade even if the trade is a bit subpar.

The good news is cataphracts and the byz maa are actually good for this concept, especially cataphracts with timely hippo usuage.

To be continued…

I prefer it over Golden Horn in terms of gameplay, but it could use some QoL patching. Selecting individual units is tough, especially when the quantity of flasks is limited.

I wonder if spreading out the healing slightly could be a good idea. Say I heal one unit, and in a small radius of one tile or less, units get 15 health in total over 6 seconds.

If I then pop the flask on 4 more units, the surrounding units will have healed for 75 health in total as a result. Of course this number should be tweaked, but the point is that it will allow for more meaningful healing at this stage in the game. Tracking what units to spend 20 flasks on when you have 100 units is weird and just not very feasible.

Additionally, the rate of which flasks rejuvenate should probably scale with your Cisterns. I’m kind of surprised how little the Cistern landmark actually interacts with Cisterns by the way. I think one way to help it also, is to let Flasks focus healing the lowest health unit of many selected units, you can’t currently hold down the button as it will try to top off units who has taken 5 damage over injured ones.

Also I hereby request a potion drinking animation. It’s be so cool!

The Golden Horn could perhaps be updated to act as an Outpost (Since the Golden Horn was a watch tower). The Golden Horn can still be slowly creating mercenary units for free while being a defense Landmark.

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I still need to update the main post but it would be a great idea if the cistern level influenced the maximum flask you could generate. Right now the max is 30. They shpuld have it where level 4 increases the max to 45 and level 5 makes it 60 maximum flasks.

Now ultra late game when you have 70+ units with auto flask the landmark ability will be impactful during key engagements.

Off topic but paladin? School also has no interactions with cistern aura. The school should double as a English like castle where you can train every single standard byzantine unit. The 30% chance of spawning a unit should continue to instant spawn even while production is queued.


At castle age with those flasks catapracts dont die and if you have crossbows with trample ability they kill them so fast.People dont realize the potential but i exprienced it just need time for people to realize i guess.


Golden Horn should be a castle where you could produce periodically any mercenary available, no matter if you have the contract or not.
Byzantin is a civ awarded if you up age 3 and even more age 4. So the golden horn tower change should help to stabilize against early aggro civ / mid range civ.

Perhaps that would be a good idea for the Golden Horn to act as a Keep.