There needs to be a way to automatically turn off the chat

I like the game itself, but the chat itself seems to be used too often to just insult other players and they loss of enjoyment this is causing for me is definitely outweighing any benefit from teamwork or the occasional nice message. It would be nice if you could just completely disable the chat to enjoy the gameplay and avoid being insulted during the gameplay (recent example below)


Edit: I meant to reply and agree with E27181; not sure why it’s saying I responded to Allergic. I don’t see a way to change it either.

I agree with the sentiment, but I’m not sure that is the best approach. Before going that far, I’d rather see two changes tried first:

  1. Add an option for a Taunts only chat; meaning the only communication you receive from allies is the in-game taunts/chat commands, and pings. After enough experience, map pings are usually enough to communicate with other players, and the in-game taunts can be used to fill in the gaps. It’s not uncommon to have language barriers in team games, so experienced players should be used to this already.
  2. Enforcement: Aside from more enforcement (many people think reports don’t do much, myself included), add and utilize more frequently a new enforcement mechanic where toxic players are restricted to using in-game taunts only; and have that enforcement applied for longer periods of time than a typical ban. There are still ways to be toxic using only in-game commands, but it would probably hinder (slightly) the frequency of repeat offenders. Also, an icon should be displayed next to a player’s name as well to indicate that they can only send (or receive if taunts-only chat is enabled) in-game taunts.
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Ok, this is a perfect example of why you are pretty unpopular here. You make toxic comments, and then when people called you out for it you said they were “unable to deal with it” and a ton of other stupid stuff, before proceeding to set them to the ignore list. You would know a lot about toxicity wouldn’t you, considering you are one of those toxic kinds of users, and I assume players. Stop it already.


You can use one of the menus top right (not sure which) to mute players and no longer see their messages.

I know that, but I kind of like calling out AllergicTable, because I know I’ve been muted by them, and thus they will never respond, but based on the number of likes I get, I definitely get the feeling they aren’t popular with the community very much.


I thought i replied to the main post, did it say i replied to you? TheBattlizer had a similar issue i think, probably some bug 11.

No, it didn’t say you replied to me, I just mixed up ingame and the forums, because the mute buttons are in a similar place for each, and your post was directly below mine, so I assumed it might be regarding my post. My mistake.

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wow, no wonder you want other people to deal with toxicity.
even if you were right that it has been part of the ‘gaming community’ forever, that wouldn’t mean we should tolerate it


There’s a trumpet or horn or something icon next to each player. Press it to mute them.

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