There Needs to be Consequences to Dodging Queues

As the title implies, there needs to be a consequence for dodging queue or “Alt f4-ing” when somebody doesn’t get a map they want to play. Many multiplayer games have this to deter dodging queues.

Additionally, if another team dodges queue, your team should not be disbanded and kicked out of queue. Instead, the party should be remain together and in queue. This use to be how it worked but something happened and it was never fixed.

I was trying to find a team game and there was another team that would alt f4 on anything other than nomad. We got paired with them 5 times. It took us 40 mins to actually get into a match that wasn’t against the nomad team. I really enjoy the game but I have limited free time and would like to play more than one game in an hour.

I believe AoE should adopt a similar system to other multiplayer games as simple as not allowing a player to queue for an increasing amount of time for each match they have dodged in a row.
ie) A player is queueing with 2 of their friends, they get the map Arabia and only wanted to play nomad, so that player dodges and the entire premade party is put on a cooldown. Then when they try to queue up again, even if the player who actually dodged isn’t in their party (this avoids the loophole of players on a team taking turns dodging), they get an error saying they have to wait 5-10 mins in order to queue up again. Then if one of their party members dodges queue again, they would have to wait 15-30 mins to queue again.

As the game doesn’t have as many active players as other popular multiplayer games, I believe this will help reduce time spent in queue and get players out of “lobby simulator” and more players into actually playing the game.

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