There should be actual ranks in addition to rating in 1v1 ladder like chess and other RTS

Playing Rank 1v1 is one of the biggest factor which keeps this game alive and honestly from an esport perspective this game still has a huge potential. I think an introduction of rank along with ratings would be an interesting aspect it would motivate more people to grind up the ladder. At this point every esport but aoe uses some kind of Rank/Achievement system for its competitive player base in addition to ELO/MMR numbers.
an example would be something like:
0-50 percentile for Bronze; ELO 0 to 1025

50-75 percentile for Silver; ELO 1050 to 1275

75-90 percentile for Gold; ELO 1300 to 1450

90-96.5 percentile for Platinum; ELO 1475 to 1675

96.5-99 percentile for Diamond; ELO 1700 to 2025

99.7 percentile for Master; ELO 2050 to ~2300

99.9 percentile for Grand Master; ELO 2400 and above


Interestingly ZeroEmpires had suggested this back before we knew how the matchmaking system would work. We had a major issue with the lobby system where players would wait to play people below their Elo, because they were terrified of losing points. The lobby system was awful for that reason and a longer wait time. Thankfully DE has solved this Elo fear issue.

But I do think ranks could be a cool add!

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1v1 is cringe and tg is based.

I’d propose:

  1. You should have to play 10 games at or above that ELO level to earn the achievement. This avoids issues where passing through (losing) certain ELOs will not trigger the achievement.

  2. Make some of the labels AOE2 related. For example, perhaps labels like ‘villager, loom, wood, stone, elite’

  3. Add achievements even for lower ELOs. Playing 10 games at 700 ELO is still an achievement – and we want to encourage people to keep practicing. So, maybe they achieve ‘Villager’. Play 10 games at 950-1050 is solidly average, so ‘Stone’.

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I would honestly like to see rating and achievement related profile pictures. The current system we have is nice, but maybe a lot of the current high level avatars like paladin, siege onager should be locked either behind a specific achievement, or a certain rating, so that when you join a game and see someone with a paladin profile picture you actually think damn this guy is decent.

Or maybe profile borders, I have seen that work. Like bronze silver gold blue-y purple-y I don’t know what models, but some indication of how good the player is behind the amount of games played.

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