There Will be a big AOE event on October 25th to celebrate the franchise

Forgotten Empires said It during the stream and developer: “there Will be tournaments, news and announcements”. So i’m assuming

  1. Console porting

  2. the First expansion (not for free) for AOE4 with new campaigns and one more civilization (i Think Byzantines to collegate them with ottomano Empires)

  3. AOMDE

  4. something tease about the first Aoe (maybe they are starting works on new AOE set in the ancient times?)


Starting from 5:51:00

There Will be a globally event

Have they announced it?

No. They didn’t announce It.

Makes me wonder what they have in store for AOE1 and AOM.

Are you guys really looking forward to another DE?
I would be more interested in seeing them moving forward to something new. An AoM II sounds way more exciting. Hope it happens at some point.

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