There will be another set in the closed beta for pro-players before release?

Looking at the stress test, the game needs balancing, because immediately after the release, multiple tournaments for this game will be announced, I would like to have at least some kind of balance by this time.
Аnd there will be restrictions on the prize money for the organizers for the tournaments?

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Well, on the balance, I think measures will be taken, since the collected feedback of the closed beta still changed the balance of the game that we saw in the stress test, now we have also collected feedback on the balance, so I think there will also be certain fixes.

About prize funds … I don’t know how much money Red Bull will invest at the start in the first AoE 4 tournaments, but for AoE 2 tournaments they rented a valuable castle and put on a fire show, so they have a lot of money and they are ready to spend it on the Age truniers, in any case, the plans are big.

Forgotten Empires is mainly responsible for Balancing I think, now since the Redbull tournament is over Pro Players might have more time to help them in balancing.