Theres no update yet for AoE II DE

Hello , did anybody notice about the August update for AOE II DE ? It’s seems theres no update yet . So, please explain it to me !

There were some issues with the PUP, and it was withdrawn earlier, so I assume those are being ironed out first.


That was originally the case, but they said it’d take like another week, about 3-4 weeks ago. Maybe there are still issues, but they seem to pushout an update about once a month. Approximately half are large updates and subsequent ones are smaller. This would have been a small update, and I wonder if it got to the point where they just said “forget it, we’ll roll it into the larger update for next month.”


Perhaps it has to do with a delay in the potential new DLC?

I dont think they wil lrelease this DLC this month. Perhaps on october

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Well make sense , i hope they can ironed out some of the issues to make the update worked out properly

I would go far enough to say that the DLC could come out in December, unless there’s some special occasion or anniversary worth commemorating in the months prior.

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DE anniversary is Nov 14


Well, there is an update right now! Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Update 93001 - Age of Empires


That is … something, I guess. It’s technically an update, so we can’t complain any longer.

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Thank God finally ! I’d waited for that update for over a month

“Introduced missing “Select all” hotkeys for Lumber Camps, Mills and Mining Camps.”

Sweet, been waiting for this.

“Fixed an issue where Units stop for a moment before reaching target.”

Very happy to see this too. No more scouts pausing.

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