These models of units are still fine, but could you please give more love to Spearmen?

Whoops. Carry on. Disregard my post.

Nevertheless please improve artillery. :slight_smile:

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Literally in my post that you replied to:

You continue to bang on something about I both literally highlighted, and didn’t argue against. I mean, why?

Warning: I literally agreed with the last person to mention siege destruction to me. Pretty sure it was this thread, even :laughing:

C’mon. Give discussion a chance, please.

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Yeah, that’s ridiculous.
Infantry with polearms, I believe there will enough to be recognizable.

Maybe I should ask them, can’t you distinguish between spearmen and palace guards, even if they both carry some kind of polearms?

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A large number of amateur players have put forward suggestions for balancing unit values.
Developer Team: The vast majority of amateur players don’t understand, but a very small number of professional players do, so we don’t adopt it.

A large number of amateur players have suggested having the spearmen use the correct national version of their spears.
Developer Group: The vast majority of amateur players understand it, but a very small number of professional players do not understand it, so we do not adopt it.

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Hovewer i sussegest to all of you to complete the lastest Survey. There are many questions about graphic, artstyle, realistic or stylized, not only for the current titles but also for the future.

I selected realistic because i really would like to see a new game set in the ancient times with a great graphic. But i suppose it could be difficult with Essence Engine.

Despite what some people Say, this Survey clealry show that the graphic criticisms have had a certsin impact on the Aoe4 and i’m not referring to community ones but also to criticism from many professional reviewers.

This Is the First Time that i see all of this focus about graphic on a Survey.

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So when someone says other games did better than AOE4 in these particular aspects, it’s not wrong…

We’re not talking about whether you don’t care about such details or you prefer not having them, or how they fit into the overall graphic style.

It’s just lacking, and I don’t think it’s an intentional decision. Older AOEs despite their technical limitations made several attempts to improve the textures as much as possible and AOE4 definitely could and should. Hope we agree on that.

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I’m going to go on topic again, which were the discussion about spearmen. I do hope that this is a placeholder.



Which is why I only disagreed when it came to performance, in my experience.

I agree. I think it’s a resource / priority thing, and I hope whoever makes the decisions sees that as more civs are added, the more this is apparent to the players.

I agree!

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It’s really stupid that they’ve been using this placeholder for two years, perhaps some unreasonable person is insisting on using it.


Maybe you would like this.

Or they layed off the guy in charge of spearmen art.

They could make some new weapons if they are making some new civs,lol.
That’s also why I’ve been looking forward to them solving this spear’s mistake. Honestly, those guisarmes do ugly in game.

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Seeing the Byzantines and Japanese with non-civ specific polearms, makes me sad :frowning:

And why is it only the spearmen? Knights get their own and men at arms get their own. There are no European swords on the Samurai.

If they want to have it that way, they should just use ‘normal’ spears for everyone instead of the Guisarme…


It is a weird case indeed. Back when @SavageEmpire566 empire still collected bug reports, they noted multiple times that this was known and was low priority. It isn’t per se that they neglected the spears either, some correct spears do actually appear in the game–but only when the units are charging.

So it suggests that they originally held their true spear models, until it was overriden. It would explain why they still appear as artifacts during the charge (as they may not have gotten around to that). It could also just have been the case that they managed to implement the real spears only for the charge animations, but not for the actual baseline model, which I find harder to believe. It just seems like there was a mistake somewhere.

What has made us scratch our heads even more is how much of a simple fix it is for a lot of the existing spears. There are mods that fix this, which have been around for just as long as the editor itself. For a long time I thought this was simply related to the fact that they do not have enough resources to patch this up, even rudimentary small issues like this, but many claim that it is intentional–and with the style of communication they have, it is somewhat impossible to know.

One assumes malice, the other assumes lack of resources or just incompetence. Not a good look either way.

This I agree with you completely! I sincerely hope that they just change them into something more appropriate since all other units in the game have their own weapons.

Except the spearmen, which just makes the whole thing awkward and weird. Especially as you said that they have the correct ones that do look better.

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Damn, although I don’t find any performance about the spearmen of Jeanne d’Arc, but we could confirm the spearmen of the Zhu Xi and Japanese are clearly used those ugly guisarmes.

Oh lord, how much did they love this weapon to equiped both the Chinese and Japanese armies with it.
Couldn’t they find a more “universal” looking spear to replace it?

At least I don’t need a unified guisarme model to enhance identification, I’m not those persons who nearly blind.

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I hope they stop using the Guisarme as a baseline model for all civilizations as it is a very specifically western european one and just does not look right serving as a baseline for all civilizations. The colour coding of bronze, iron and gold showing what upgrade the unit has should be sufficient, and the baseline Spear should be a lot more neutral. Speaking of material, weapons probably shouldn’t be devoid of it–pure colouring for metal does not look right, and never has.

I think the Donso is a good example of what should be done and new weapon models ought not to be reserved just for upgrades like Japanese Spearmen Yari or HRE Maces. Seeing a unique unit like the Limitanei wielding the Guisarme just feels wrong.

Also, Spearmen are not the only units whose weapons are wonky, in addition to everything listed above, you have Mounted Samurai hitting units with the backside of their blade, Elite Varangian Guards hitting units with the flat side of their axe like a spade. I think they could spend some time to tidy up these mistakes.

Yup, even if they use the French halberd as a universal version, it’s much better than Guisarme. Because the French one looks much more solid, but not a flat piece of plastic.

And, to be honest, I hate the shape of that Guisarme for its ugly hook, especially since this weapon has not been widely equipped worldwide, why force this freak to every civs?

I had tried to made a tuning pack which could let Byzantine spears not be upgraded after Castle, and
personal speaking, I believe these do looks far more better, even if it doesn’t look as luxurious as before.
I’d rather choose simplicity than freak.


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They do look far better in your images.

We hope the developers will add an option in the game settings in a future update that allows players to choose whether unit skins look historical or eSports. This will satisfy players with different needs. After all, most players are casual players rather than e-sports players.