TheViking and battle elephants nerf in the last patch

As you know about the Viking they nerfed their UT ( Chieftains: Increased cost from 400 food, 300 gold :arrow_forward: 700 food, 500 gold .

I know this UT need a nerf somehow, but they increased the cost so much! They increased it +300F, 200G, i think this is really so much especially for castle age UT (unless if it was the sick obsidian arrow :stuck_out_tongue:), so i think it should become 600F, 400G and even with this it is too much but still better than this big jump of cost!!!

About battle elephants they nerfer their attack bonus vs buildings too from 7 to 4 for the normal battle elephant and from 10 to 7 for the elite, and i think it is too much especailly this unit is expensive and slow so all they have is their damage and trample damage and actually they nerfed their trample damage too the last patch before this patch too

So what do you think?

The Elephant bonus damage nerf is just useless. They will still destroy TCs in two seconds.

Vikings had to be nerfed somehow. I’m still wondering why they nerfed Chieftains instead of their economy.

two reasons i can think of:
-free wheelbarrow is mostly better farming. Thats a great, great way to balance a water civ for landmaps, as it is an eco upgrade that has more impact on land maps (on water, you ahve fish and farm less). So its pretty much the only eco bonus you can give them without completly breaking them on water maps.
-nerfing chieftains makes it more of a commitment. You want your zerks to shred cav? okay! But theres a price tag for that now, with the old price it was pretty much a “yeah why not get it” kind of tech.


Yeah but -3 attack is really too much at least it should be -2, now it will not be effective as you may think else in large numbers.

If they must nerf their Viking eco then it should be removing their free Handcart but i don’t think it is necessary i think the Viking in general are fine their eco is not OP

Their eco is OP. 3 free villagers in Feudal and 3 minutes imperial age advantage is hilariously insane.

Actually i found it weird too that they nerfed the Viking in their UT, maybe removing their handcart is better than touching the UT, if you look at it, they increased the UT by +300 food and 200gold, and the Handcart cost 300food, 200 wood looks like they take the Handcart cost and put it on the UT somehow

Removing free handcart would be gross. Ugly design.

That said I also thought the UT nerf was weird.

I think they increase the cost because after that, berserkers really melt cavalry. It was never a UT for castle age (since in that time they have some of the best pikes), it was an UT that you grabbed for your UU.

And onestly, it was really cheap for the effect that it had, and with vikings eco wasn’t, and it isn’t, a big problem.

I think that this was a nerf for TG, but I still think that BE will do fine vs buildings.
We will have to see…

Yeah i agree with you that they need nerf, but my point here is that this is a big nerf! (-3) attack for elephants and (+300F/200G) for Viking tech is really big jump here.

Vikings have one of the strongest eco, maybe the strongest after the aztec nerf, and that UT give them a lot, it’s surprising how cheap it was before. I think that the jump it’s justified, and they can deal with the new cost.

As for BE we must see, but if before they had no problem in castle age, in imp the units should have no problem (the old castle age bonus is the new imp bonus). As for castle age we will see, but consider that all BE civs have also bonuses that helps vs buildings (more atk, more survivability to arrows, or cheaper cost, so more BE).
It’s just 3 less bonus, it’s not that big jump.