They incorporated the removal of foundation scouting the way I suggested!

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Well then you are responsible of this bug Placing a Donjon deletes walls , hope you’re proud :smiley:


and now you can put a gate foundation on enemy wall and enemy wall disappears. nice job

Like if you was the first one to mention it

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did they though? you said you shouldnt be able to place the actual foundation… you said

im pretty sure you can still place the foundation… so if anything they didnt implement it the way you wanted…

Thanks for further removing skill requirements to be a top player. Foundation Scouting was a privilege for those who had great APM, who know where to look for, when to look for.
Seriously I wonder how much more they can degrade this game so my cat can become 2k in 1v1

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Foundation scanning was fun but also absurd and ridiculous, it’s good that it’s gone.

I would prefer though that construction of the building would be completely cancelled as soon as you can have one tile taken by another building within your line of sight. So you immediately get your resources back.


AFAICT from the other thread it was Zetnus who first suggested the way it has been implemented:

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You now need to use a proper scout to get your information. I’d say it needs more skill to get informations now.

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It’s strange that people defend that weird bug. Especially since age is a game that fundamentally revolves around scouting. You have to physically scout to find each one of your resources and to acquire your sheep. You have to physically scout just to see the map and where your opponent spawns because that even varies a little bit. Then all the sudden you can just be rewarded for just throwing a foundation down and get information without your enemy even knowing. How can this be viewed as more skillful than having the map control for vision whether by expansion or army numbers?