They listened to my suggestion

I had been asking that they nerf the Goth Drush in Dark Age by giving them Loom which costs 50G but is researched instantaneously.

Well, the new patch actually reduces the research time to 1 second (not sure why they didn’t do it 0 seconds).

They also made Spanish Cannon Galleons fire 17.6% faster (bug fix), as if they were bad already.

Another fix was Indian camel attack vs buildings. It said it is +5. But actually it was +5 for all Camel units and another +1 for the Camel units at Stable. Now all of them have +4.

The last part I would not suggest some changes, but some anomalies in the texts.

First, the Saracen team bonus actually is +2 vs buildings (I checked using the Scenario editor). Archers against houses or barracks do not show +2 since their native pierce damage is soaked up. Try it against Aztec outposts and you will see it is actually +2.

Also, the Saracen Cavalry Archers vs buildings bonus is actually +2 in Feudal Age, not +1. The Cavalry Archers still gain another +1 in both Castle and Imperial Age. Method to test - similar to previous one.

The next one is Spanish Cannon Galleon bonus and it says they benefit from Ballistics. Actually the effect is something like Ballistics + super speed cannon shots, but Ballistics research isn’t required. The wording means as if Ballistics is a pre-requisite.

Another thing which I would like to point out is that even in Full Tech Tree mode, Conquistadors do not fire slower. Spanish Hand Cannoneers and similarly other gunpowder units benefit from the bonus, but for Conquistadors, the attack boost is directly included in the stats.