They really need to balance this new patch

right now the balance in the patch is so off its unreal, civs getting between 6 minute and 7 minute fast castles, other civs just spammin 1 unit and A moving them into combat with no thought or micro, the lack of needing macro in other civs. its fair to say the devs have literally took some of the old civs and released “variants” that literally turn their counter parts into piles of crap, this new DLC literally made the old content obsolete and it literally tailors to the more casual players who would love to just spam 1 unit and win. the devs have got a lot to fix.

for japan i suggest nerfing bannermen, either health or cost, also free farms in feudal and it even places them, i mean come on seriously?.

ayyubids literally hitting castle just after 7 mins and spamming ghulams, lets be real what actually counters this if you are in feudal yourself with no real counters unless you have early knights.

zhu xi zugne spam is absolutely ridiculous and itshard to counter, sure you can spam horseman, but a couple of spearman makes it useless.

byzantine and order of the dragon are most likely the most thought out civs in the entire expansion, its getting silly and needs fixing honestly