Things AOE4 NEEDS before it launches

Overall Relic, you made a great game and more importantly a worthy successor to the Age of Empires franchise, but we are here to help make the game as good as it can get so here is what needs to be added.
You must be able to see where you set waypoints after you set them. When Queue my scout to go places I often come back to him later to queue more waypoints but I don’t know where he is already going so I end up making my scout double back on places he has already been to. This has been in every AOE game I have played and I don’t understand why they took it out.
The game needs to be optimized better I have an i5-8400 and use its UHD 630 integrated graphics. I should be able to play at 30 FPS at a reasonable resolution at low settings.
Relics are hard to find even with the minimap showing you, they don’t have enough of a golden glow.
setting waypoints for villagers from my TC to go to get food from the sheep just won’t work if there are villagers around it, resources should just override unit hitboxes when setting waypoints.
there has to be a defensive stance why would anyone take that out.
animal carcasses don’t rot, I killed a sheep at age I and never finished it off, by age IV it was still there with its full amount of food.
Fast castling is TOO fast, I play the Holy Roman Empire and I get to feudal at 5 minutes then at 7:30 I get to Castle, There is no time for a feudal rush when your enemy is in the castle age before you even make an archery range.
Holy Roman Empire is overpowered, The 40% more carry capacity plus a prelate boosting 10 villagers gather rate by 40%, plus emergency repairs, and buildings taking 33% less damage. That is like 4 primary civ bonuses combined into one civ, which if you can’t tell is way too good.
Water pathfinding isn’t great, When I sent my ships to attack a keep on the side of an island the ships went the crow flies and ended up getting stuck on the shore.
The icons for upgrades need to be more varied in general, the second upgrade should not look the same as the first one, this is especially a problem with the blacksmith.
Trebuchet boulders landing need to have more of an impact sound.


And make the mini-map clear.
Also put something to push on the siege units that are walking by themselves magically…

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cameras locations hotkeys

Figured this is where my post fits well. I may have some things yall already mentioned but will keep it in one post for the devs to read.

My background: Grew up watching my older siblings play AOE 2 in the early 2000’s and personally grew up playing AOE 3 and switched solely to AOE 2 in 2017 with plenty of pre and post DE XP. I have never been let down with the initial direction of an AOE remaster and AOE 4 is similar. Being a software developer myself the process of receiving user feedback is my favorite serving as an opportunity for me to create something greater than myself remember it is a process and these fixes don’t happen overnight. In short the concept and design of the game is phenomenal almost bug free and I like how it stands out from AOE 2 & 3. I enjoyed playing and could comment about all the things I like(Scout vision in grassland vs trees), but opportunity for improvement is what this post is all about.

Below are my thoughts after playing during the Technical Stress Test on areas I feel if adjusted would help the overall user experience.


I enjoy zooming in for graphical and sound improvements as I mostly play age games for a chill experience. However, to get there I must go through the rest of the game. I would like to see my buildings in relation to each other or move military around town without their best friend scroll click, scroll click, joining the party. It was difficult to grasp where resources and buildings were in proximity to the rest of the map seeing such a small portion at each moment, and this was on the smallest 1v1 map. Is there something we don’t know regarding performance? If so then limit the options for my graphically settings so I can only choose options which the computer can handle. Benchmark tests?

I also got a taste for how amazing it would be to zoom out further when looking down a hill where you can see the base below. See the linked video Minute 4:50 - 6:35. If you want to watch me struggle to place walls continue watching after 6:35 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: [Video Link]

Ex: Attacking a Keep uphill. I cant see the Keep until my units are being hit. This is magnified by no vertical camera adjustment (Could we add this?). I do understand how fighting uphill is supposed to be a disadvantage but the fun kinda disappears. Trebuchets would magnify this issue.

Mini map:

My qualms with the mini map is impacted by the zoom levels increasing my reliance on it. For 1v1 it is good but dwindles with team games. In 4v4 the map has quadruple the number of icons but is the same size. AOE2 had none(Maybe this is why I feel this way) but even AOE 3 I felt had a good balance. This is one thing I cant envision a good fix off the top of my head so maybe over time we will get used to it. This may also be “fixed” by increasing the max zoom out distance.

Wild animals, sheep and relics:

Please make the hit box larger. I struggled with gather points and tasking a villager as it would stand next to the animal hugging it. Same with monks and relics. Maybe he gains a boost from smelling the polished gold… Trees and mines are great though.

A note on relics; the mini map makes them easy to see so kudos there but when I go to the location it takes me a few hot secs to find the thing. There is plenty of gold glow throughout the game why not add this to the relic? Relics visually were an issue in AOE 2 and were simply fixed.


Once again this is an area of masterpiece but the TC…that bell. I control group my TC’s with a house as a band aid for the issue but please toner down. I would prefer to avoid tampering with the sound level as all the other sounds truly do bring out the gameplay :wink:


Pathing in this game is phenomenal especially military units. I did see some instances where a villager and military units slid, twitched/spazzed out and or failed to completely build or attack the selected item. This may just take time to fix but wanted to mention it here.

Could we have a stand ground or no attack stance for millitary? There is plenty of room for these icons in the UI


Maybe I am just used to waypoints in AOE 2 and 3 but when I shift click a unit/sheep there no aid to see where it is going. The building waypoint is good. Maybe just have it be a flag/banner and exclude the extra dazzle similar to the attack, defend, and flare signals, those are great.


The bombard is an example of to much as I am hindered in clicking/seeing my units. This is an area which being realistic might not work due to the scale of the game.

Thanks for reading I hope my thoughts were conveyed well! Happy Ageing!


The minimap is my primary critique for this beta build. It’s so cluttered that it’s real hard to tell what’s going on, especially in 2v2s+. Performance hasn’t been a big problem for me, but I’ve noticed some frame loss when moving the camera around. Maybe a focused combination of optimization and higher zoom levels would be better,

…and this is the main reason for that. Perfectly stated. Since there’s more reliance on the minimap with low zoom, it’s even more necessary to actually tell what’s going on in it. If they changed both, that would be the best case scenario.

In the most recent Q&A video that came out around an hour ago from this post, it’s stated that ‘players will always want more zoom in an RTS.’ I do agree with this, we shouldn’t go to a crazy extent, but can we not have a basic amount more without going to far? I sympathize with the zoom argument, I just hope it isn’t a repeated problem.