Things that are in aoe 1de are they in aoe 2 de?

For example:

  • global que.
    -next to the resource the amount of villagers working on the resource
    -you can see how many idle villagers you have, some what like in aoe 1de

Everything in AOE DE + AOE 2 HD existing stuff + some more for less than 20.00. I assume that is true because that’s what I see and read. If anyone has better answer, go ahead. I know global queue is part of this DE for sure.

Hi David,

I think the link below will satisfy all your questions. Yes, it got all those quality-of-life upgrades.


thank you very much!!


thank you thats really nice!!


Welcome to the community too dude, i am getting a quote “This is the first time davidsnoekdutch has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!” I hope you feel good here :slight_smile:

thank you, i am already a little bit longer part of the community but i never posted anything. I am more of a reader :slight_smile: i feel welcome, this community is very open about information

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