Things that must change

hi im here just to complain about the current situation of the game.

1st- sanctions of mute in chat must disapear. it is not fair to a team to play with a muted player. it doenst allow to comunicate with it. if someone made something wrong disable him from joining mutiplayer. if not you are penalazing random teamates.

2d- you cannot apply sanctions just because a player recive reports. a hole team could be reporting because they are friends and hate you for some reason and then you get bann because of the number of complaints. and you dont see the hole scenario to find if it was correct or not. you just act following numbers. is wrong.

3th-you must stop allowing players with diferent elos to match in games. is not fair. is not fun. i rather wait 20 min in order to play a game rather than the actual game matches. make me recive the option to join or not a diferent elo teamate. the reason why casual game is in main menu seems stupid and usless. im tired of playing with +/-300 elo players in my team or the enemy team. YOU MUST NOT ALLOW PLAYERS WITH DIFERENCE OF +/-100 ELO TO JOIN A RANKED TEAM. make them play in casual. or allow me to quit the lobby without penalization. its a real joke.

4th- stop pleasing cryrstal players. if i want to insult someone because of his performance with a detailed reason i have to be allowed. he shold be able to mute me of course. but i should be able to say whatever i want in game. why can a player ruin my experience by playing wrong or quiting or not helping when i ask me and i have to just accept it politely?

You say this:

Than you say this:

I wonder why you got a sanction, hmmmmm


Sounds like you’re in the wrong here, considering your point 4 in the light of 1 and 2. Seems like you’ve been toxic and verbally abusive, people responded as they should, and now you want to complain about it here, which is ridiculous if you’re being rude in the first place.


Wait there actually are punishments? I never knew.

Yes, you have to accept politely, or accept that he will mute you. I didnt know you can mute a player, but if someone start being toxic and insult me, I would 100% mute him. I’d much rather mute and lose than win while being trash talked.
If a player is lower ELO than you, you have to accept that he will surely play worse than you.

I agree with this. Are sanctions really applied that fast or only after getting reported for several games ?

AoE has one of the most lenient systems when it comes to punishing abusive chat, as a guy who complained about wrong bans for abusive chats in other games where the dev team is much more “trigger happy” on the matter, I can’t agree that AoE of all games has an unfair system. If you got sanctioned, tbh you probably deserved it.

I’d also say that probably very few are even aware of the report system being in game.

Happy to hear it’s working, so thanks for that OP!


There is only 1 solution. If you get reported by more than 3/4, 4/6, 5/8 players in a game, then your report count will increase by 1 and you will get auto banned after a certain count.
Nearly every game with report system use auto ban, no company can hire enough pro moderators who have common sense of the game to review every report.

This is a complicated issue. There is a great amount of players who don’t take this game seriously. I discussed it before and people disagreed with the proposal of punishing the players who don’t care about winning. In this case, you should either play with friends or stop being too serious. Your insults can never hurt somebody who doesn’t care.

i just played 10 matchs.
half were against 1.8k and 2k and half were with a 13k in my team. why? why do i have to lose so much and suffer like that. im 1500 i dont want to play with +300 -300 players.

that is the main issue here.

you all gave too much importance to the insulting players part… those things happen only because the rate matching system is wrong.

pd: players reporting b they are insulted in a video game are so weak. they should find a life outside if they really get hurt. i would never report someone for fighting me in chat. is fun.

me on the other hand hate players ruining my game. and they should be stoped by the developers. instead they are encouraged by leting them play as team. and protected with the toxic ban option when you complain their behaivour. when is clearly the toxic ones are them.
players playing with others with diferent elos in ranked games are toxic. all must be bann.

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Follow your advice and get a life. Easy, move on.


To be fair , i agree with ur points. Reporting system is so incomplete its so mindbreaking how lazy devs are with it. Also certain players are allowed daily to talk trash to others meanwhile when u say something bad u get 2 weeks suspension? Its a joke.