Things that you want for AOE4 from both casual and competitive perspective

We often see huge debates when it comes to adding X features. Some features always seems too much ambitious and sometimes it feels it should be right in the game. I hope this’ll be the thread for everyone to talk about that. Feel free to drop your features wishlist and talk about it from both casual and competitive perspective.

I’ll start first. I’m hoping for weather system in the game. It’ll offer fast farming rate and slower movement speed for military units. From casual players perspective it’ll offer many beautiful scenario designs.


A good suggestion. Therefore do you want to add year seasons as well? That would be consistent with the weather effects.

For me the weather would be fantastic, if only affects the field and the stats for combat units (naval especially).

Weather that affects economy doesn’t inspire me…i can just imagine “it rains in your farms for the first 10 minutes”, at 12 minute you’re in imperial age with full upgrades and invade your enemy that is still in dark/feudal age.
The risk is that the “casual element” would take too much weight.

For spring season farmers will collect additional food. For winter food shortage and health of military units will be reduced overall.
Never had been done in the game before might be too much ambitious a plague or camp fever could be nice addition. But I fear it might break the game too much and it’s more suited for casual or if AOE4 was going for more MMO approach.

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Relic definitely wants to appeal pronounced multiplayer cards for the people. Therefore i can imagine easily weather and seasonal effects.

while I like the idea, I doubt that would happen competatively. Maybe we will get seasons within specific maps though, so they are continous for each map. otherwise it would be too random for ESports, I assume

Not gonna happen at release but maybe they could add it as an option later on? I would love to have castle sieges at night (low visibility, slower movement) with a downpour(even lower visibility, units are like snails going through the mud and fighting is desperate too. Units stumble to the ground and roll around in the mud

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AOE2 is very random in term of gameplay and still got a huge E-Sport. Weather system won’t be as bad as it seems. Early game may be a bit of problem but I think it can play a huge role at mid game.

Actually is it not very random at all. The only random factor are the map (inc resource placement) which is, most of the time, quite balanced.
And thats also compensated by the first age mechanics including scouting, being very skill relevand.

However a random weather effect which could strike at any moment is something random we didnt see yet competative games, I think.

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map based warning system would be nice instead of forcing upon it. Like having a setting in RNG map generation. Still not happy? Give a weather warning system and balance eco according to it.

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it IS possible. The question would be how practical it would be to add this feature.
I assume it would be a lot of work to code this stuff. In the end, campaign players might be foced to live with it, and some casuals will probably play with it, but not all. And I assume it wold be set to 0 for Competative play.
A warning would be okay, but still not quite .
theres 1 simple reason:
You do NOT know wether you will play with rng weather or not, and if rng is there, you wont know which weather would come. So you have to have FAR too many strats and yu have to be able to react. So instead of the opponent forcing you to start creating pikemen as they scout rush, and it being a human battle, suddenly the weather forces you to change strat, which is just random.
And for example of you play on both settings you would basically play 2 different games.

yeah thats a big if. It might work out as well. Let’s think about AOE2 for a sec. It was supposed to be played on Coastal and supposed to have a lot of natural food resource. But over years Arabia became the meta with limited natural food resource. It may work out but at the same time I feel it might become a feature creep.

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Primarily I hope that the focus is put on gameplay. Weather effects would likely affect performance (some computers may need to turn them off to be able to play) and visual clarity (something mentioned a lot by the developers).

Whilst not personally opposed to weather/daytime effects, I do not think it will be good for consistent competitive gameplay. Therefore I would not support time being spent on this as a primary concern.

I hope the new game receives continued support with additional content like the current versions and that any further time spent is focused on providing key features that the majority wants. If civs are very unique, this should be capped at a set amount and not increased to an unwieldy amount whereby achieving balance will be difficult. 8 civs already feels like a tall order in this regard.

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tbh, Id rather see MS doing a great game without trying to add too much new stuff, even if optional. PPl are easily disgruntled these days and possibly wont buy sth because there is something OPTIONAL they dislike :smiley:
However IF Age 4 will be succesful, I can see a further development/addon or maybe a new installment OR spinoff using the weather mechanic.
I dont know why, but to me that would seem fitting in a age of mythology 2 of some kind :smiley:

I do believe if they are able to establish 8 balanced nations and PvP tested them out and they were updated (cause balance cant be perfect from the start) adding on enation at a time should be reasonably “easy” to balance. I think finding unique gameplays for mir civs will pose more of a problem

well that’s another talk. This thread I made for every possible ridiculous suggestion that’ll be a talk for both casual and competitive point of view.

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