Things they need nerf to italy

#1 the architec is too cheap 170gold needs cost more like 200 if he build free buildings
#2 bersagliere have too much speed for be a skirm and dont know why can stun units that so stupid
#3 italy with the architec can boom with the 3 tc so ez i dont know why they build all buildings for free
#4 albanian company needs been nerf

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  1. No, before nobody made a second achitect because it took too long to train and cost a lot. Now people actually delay a vill for a second architect.
  2. Bersagliere don’t have as many upgrades as other skirms and have much lower range resist. also not available in fortress age.
  3. It takes like 4 minutes to build a tc with an architect, during which it is easily exposed and destroyed.
  4. Bosniaks are strong but I think the shipment is fair for the price, it’s 1500 resources cost and is an age 3 shipment which is worth 1000 resources so basically 2500 resources for 7 units.

but the resources that you save doing it with the architects is ridiculous 1000 wood for two free tc and come on I have already seen that the architects are made easy and they receive free villagers making any improvement so they are not left behind in economy I say that you have to Neglecting them less life about 250 would be fine and increasing the price

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It did cost 200 gold and nobody was able to add architects if not in the super late game.

Also, the buildings aren’t “free”, you are trading resources for building time, which isn’t always ideal if under pressure. It’s well known if fact that Italy is particularly vulnerable to rush.

Bersaglieri are available only in age 4, needs 2 HC cards (both in age 4) and take more time to train, this coupled with the lack of guard pavisiers (and the other pavisiers problems) make their transition really weird…

Also, bersaglieri trade speed for resistance, which is why people complain about them in treaty, and their attack is average, which compensate for the beagle ability.

Because it force you to decide if pay for the building and have it right away, or if have it for free but in a long time. Italy isn’t a easy civ to play, it requires a lot of correct decisions and the bad ones can be pushed quite easily. It’s obvious that you shouldn’t let Italy boom idly…

Also, building even just 1 TC for free with the architect take a ridiculous amount of time, 250 secs, unless you use multiple architects, but then you give up on having other buildings for free.

It has already been nerfed, the shipment is good but it cost 1500 of 3 different resources, and is often quite hard to get.


Usas EtiopĂ­a, tiene cosas igual de lammers, primero pide por el nerf de esos guerrilleros con 25 de rango en edad 2.


What unit has 25 range in age 2?

Somali Darood militia

Lol that unit, pretty bad IIRC.

Somali Darood AOE III DE Companion App by Dori

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The anti-artillery skirm that loses to artillery, I guess you could abuse its range a bit in age 2 but a few cav would clean them up.

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Try to clean them when they can mix since the beginning with gascenias, because Ethiopia age up with 400 influence and embassy so technically you get those units for free and the thing is they abuse the range to keep idle his opponent in the very early or just snipe units.

Same can be said for any unit combo though, try using cav vs longbow when they are protected by musk etc it’s down to out playing your opponent. If you can’t deal with them age 2 then just 3v, 700 coin and FF into 2 falcs. Gascenya have low hp and get slaughtered by tc fire and those skirms aren’t going to have enough siege.

I mean i’m not saying there is no way to counter them or to facing them, the thing is there should not be any unit with 25 range in age 2 xD.


Well Dori have right a Unit with 25 range Is too Much un age 2 they need have 22 range age 2 un age 3 25 AND in age 4 27and. EtiopĂ­a Can do only 10

Architect 2 pop,
Bersaglieri too weak vs other skirms.
Italy is not broken civ is kinda bad. OMG

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the thing i don’t like with italy atm is these skirm has X3 against light cav for some reason, then if your opponent micro a bit for snipe your goons you can’t really kill those papal lancers and these skirm has insane mobility so its pretty easy to snipe them xD ( + the tooth tooth 25 range ), also i think the biggest problem is these lombard has too much hp, its just very difficult to punish their FI due to that imo and its only 100w 100c so yeah 3k hp is a bit high imo


also yeah those architect are just pretty good with high hp aswell, they build faster for a cheaper cost, should have buff the construction time or the cost but not both xD


They have a 0.5 multiplier vs cav instead of the 0.75 a normal skirm has so they end up having the same 1.5 multiplier against dragoons.


ye i know and the unit can’t really be comparable to classic skirm right, is just this unit get shadow tech with high speed with toot toot and 26 atk i believe instantly when you hit age 4, your goons just died and you can’t kill papal lancers age 4 aswell and its a problem, in fact its all these factor make italy FI just too good ( aka bersaglieri, lombard, architect buff, insane shipment age 4 aka 3000 ress for exemple, 4 culv is so good aswell especially with italy, age up card is too good compared to malta i mean 3 falc age up age 4 etc )


Algo bueno que tenga ya que italia en edad II y III da pena la destrozan muy rapido, y ademas joder los bancos holandeses aguantan 4000 de hp y con una carta que los abarata les sube el hp a 8k el lombardo si, es barato y tiene harto hp pero en su mayoria cuesta para que despegue

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