Things which have to change in the future

I know some of these topics may have already been discussed but im pretty frustrated with the game so i want to name a few points, which are bugging me so hard about the game, that i feel like i have to deinstall the game very soon.

  1. Why is this invite system so freaking annoying?

Whenever you play with a friend and u want to invite him, he sometimes doesnt get the invite or at least he always gets the invite after like 10-20 seconds. I mean it wouldnt be too bad but whenever sb dodges with alt+f4 you have to invite the person AGAIN. ANd lets face it, sometimes you have to try 4 times before you can start a game. So if you play for a while you end up wasting at least 10 minutes a day for inviting a friend. Thats so â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– . Why cant the lobby just stay and you just leave the lobby, if u dont want to play with ur friends anymore?

  1. People dodging the queue with alt+f4

I know this topic has discussed a lot so i dont want to write too much about it, but because its one of the mainreasons why this game is unplayable i have to mention it at least.

I Feel like the only solution is to give time penaltys(like you cant join the queue for 30 minutes), whenever sb dodges or you have to implement a system, where you will only play your favourite map. The queue time is atm too long anyway with these dodges so u may as well just queue up for ur favourite map from the beginning.

  1. The weak mentality from the players in teamgames.

This is by far the most annoying point in this game. There was a time, when people would still play when they only had 1 vil left as long as the team still had a chance. Unfortunately this is a dream nowadays. I dont know what happened in the last months. Ive used to queue up as solo a lot in 4vs4 teamgames. At the moment its just impossible. Whenever sb. has a bad game and he isnt even close to dead he just RESIGNS. He doesnt look at the score, he doesnt ask the team if they agree to resign…he just leaves. In my opinion they have to punish this behaviour and im asking myself why would you play teamgames at all with this attitude? If you only care about your own game, why dont u just play solo?

A small punishment could at least be, that sb cant queue up before the game ends.

Especially nomade maps have become unplayable imo, because sb always has a 2vs1 early on and then they just resign or in best case threaten to leave, if u dont help them immediately.

I think to compensate a bit, they should at least let the KI take over the player who resigned or sb should get all the ressources from the leavers. On higher elo this doesnt help too much(KI) but i still think its better than nothing.

  1. Is a reconnect feature impossible?

i havent find sth. about that. But this is another thing which would be huge. There are a lot of reasons why somebody drops out of the game(sadfully some are just coming from the game). It would be amazing, if you could just reconnect…but i could imagine that its not possible with this code.

  1. game stability

Of course most things will only work if the game really works. Its pretty pathetic that with every patch you see new modes, skins or sounds but the game stability is still so bad. Ive had a week ago a 2vs2 with a friend which went like 1:20 hour ingame. It was a real fun and exciting match and then it happened…my game just crashed without a reason. My mate was so frustrated about that, he didnt play for 3 days. I like this game a lot but sometimes i would like to slap me for still playing it. It feels like you waste more time than you actually play.

  1. Ban system?

This is not such a huge point. But i think it would be refreshing to have 1 or 2 bans for every team. Especially on nomade maps(african clearing indians, nomade persians…) you always see the same civs. I think it would be cool if u could ban 1 or 2 civs so you dont have to feel like u have a big disadvantage because u play random/dont pick the strongest civ.

this is something contentious to me. what is your definition of not dead yet? because i’ve had games where (almost always happens when i’m a flank), where i’m getting double or triple teamed and being runover and my pockets are just sitting around booming.

Well on most maps 4vs4 is 2vs2 and 2vs2.

My definition is, that u will die pretty soon but you could still hold out for a few minutes, which could be enough for the otherside to win their side/win the game. Its like a baserace u could say. And i dont know why you wouldnt ask the other side for help, or say at least sth. instead of just resigning. Thats so tilting imo.

In this week i had at least 4 games where the game was very close(one side of one team won and the other side was winning for their team) and at the end it was decided by the one player who ragequited earlier. If 3 people still believe you can win…why would u kill their hope?

Especially nomade, what i personally like to play, is cancer. Whenever sb. is 1vs2 and losing, he just quits even without noticing/caring how the game is really going. I mean if 2 people focus you, its most likely that ur team is dominating the rest. So why would you not try to stall or in worst case run your eco and rebuild instead of just leaving?

that is what happens though. I’m getting hammered and my pockets are just booming and not helping, even when asked to help.
I’ve literally had games where my pockets boom until imperial age before making any military.
I’ve literally had games where I’ve been dieing and my pockets have zero military on the field.
I’m not talking a game where my side is collapsing but my team is attacking the opponent. I’m talking games where I’m getting annihilated and my team mates aren’t doing anything but boom, and aren’t contributing. why should I stick around in a game like that?

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You dont. But these are not the type of games im refering to…and trust me in all of these games nobody has said anything. They didnt even ask for help…they just resigned.

If there is no doubt, that the game is lost im the last one who says, that you have to play it until every vil is dead…but if there is a chance of winning…why would u not try, instead of jumping right into the next game.

Like i said its fine for me…but then play solo games…because it doesnt matter there.

What is next a punishments for not killing the boars in the middle of the town center? another punishment for scouting and leave black spaces in the map?

The one that needs to change his mentality seems to be you, you can’t add punishments to a system that is forcing the alt f4, but most important you CAN’T punish anyone for resigning early, wtf, i was sure someday someone would suggest such ideas but i wasn’t expecting this too early.

The devs really need to fix their broken MM for team games and maybe remove it and give us an improved ranked lobby or the NAZi ideals are going to take over the forums.


You cannot? Im pretty sure im not allowed to leave in cs go or lol, when my kda is terrible.

To the alt f4 theme…you are not “forced” to alt+f4. People just have to adapt and play more than arabia. And its only the 2nd solution. The better one is, that you can choose to queue for only a few maps and you always get them…and if you say now the queue would be too long…where is the difference to now, where people alt+f4 so many times until they get their map?

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There is a re-connect feature that was added recently - as long as the game hasn’t crashed and the internet pops off then pops back on a few moments later the client will try to reconnect you

The problem with alt + f4 players, in my opinion is related to is due to the fact that maps have very different economy strategy, but dont have fight gameplay differents. And many peoples need to change start buildorder and do many anoyed and routine things.

For example, starcraft have many maps, but all of them have changes with battles (boost speed units and etc). It’s much more fun.

Sorry for english.

Team games should be vote to forfeit rather than individual resignation. Yes players can still afk, but it’ll only happen in rare cases because at that point you might as well just play.

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Yeah a vote to surrender, or you can’t queue until that game ends would be no brainers. Same with having to reinvite your friend. People are selfish man, might be a society problem, or more kids are playing and they are impatient… who knows.

It would make sense to have a soft of teammate rating system… doesn’t have to be negative, but basically to say “good sport” “helpful” “doesn’t give up easy”. Eventually people who quit early would get a bad rep, and that will probably be reflected in their winrate (they might not care but…) you would mind of know what to expect.

Not sure why this would be a nobrainer. I personally like the idea. Why do you have to make decissions for the team on your own? People want to reach the top of the ladder but do you see viper just leaving a teamgame when he is in a bad spot? Whenever they feel like its over they ask the others first.

A rating system wouldnt be too bad but that won’t change anything. People who already leave whenever they want pretty much give a damn about their “rep”. It also could lead to toxicity from the begining or even more alt+f4. So not the biggest fan of it.

At the very least they have to implement that leavers always LOSE points no matter if the team wins or not. Its a joke when a team wins 3vs4 and the 4th guy gets the same amount of points for literally making it harder than it should be. If you dont even try, you dont deserve the points.