This card is useless

The Incas can get Roderero and Lancer from Spain.
But this card does not support and upgrade the unobtainable units.

Special usage?

It’s strange from the concept in the first place.

I don’t understand whether the small countries subjugated to the Incas use European weapons to become independent.

And the Tupac Uprising was an Inca struggle against Spain. This is a complete distortion of history, even the historical facts are wrong.

In terms of design, it plagiarized the European Revolution and Indian cards.

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I’m not familiar with this card since I don’t play Inca, but below is some high level analysis.

Age 4 card cost is usually 1600 res and then it’s 6000 res required to send card, or 7600 res in total.

Guard upgrades are usually 1200 res reach, and there are 4 of those, so 4800 in total. Vet upgrades are 400 reach and there are 2 in total, so 800 in total. That’s only 5600 res of benefit.

That’s 2000 lacking in res benefit. My only assumption is that since, as you noted, Inca can’t train those units, does the card also transform the Inca equivalent of these units into their European version? I think the description is missing some info. Otherwise, it’s a horrible card.

Ok i just tested
He will replace the existing troops with European units

For detailed analysis


I dont understand why make this into a card, and not an Age IV technology… Its so situational that no one will put them in their decks.