This game could some real tutorials to help new player

I don’t mean that lame art of war “tutorial”, i mean civ-specific build order exercise that new players can easily access in the game menu.

In comparison to AOE2, AOE3 varies greatly from civ to civ, a single for-all-civ build order is not viable, helping new players to be better at the game is crucial to maintain the popularity of the game.

it’s not right to expect new player to search build orders on youtube to be able to play the game.


New players should start with the base game, preferrably the vanilla civs. You can’t expect the game to give them a tailored tutorial for each of the 20+ civs. Art of war does a good job at teaching basic mechanics as for learning the more different civs then you need to experiment and through trial and error you’ll learn to play them.


I feel like the art of war missions do a very good job. But they could do more. My idea is to make a tutorial where we learn to identify unit classes based on how they look.

For example, how to differentiate muskets and rifles. How to tell shock infantry apart from hand infantry. What the exceptions are (ERK, hakkapelit etc).

It would be like a land battle mission but the less traditional units would be used so that people get used to less traditional units like shock infantry, ranged heavy cavalry (not sure if this class exists anymore) etc.


I’d like it if there was an in game hub where people could publish decks to share. It’s quite daunting to create a deck for an unfamiliar civ and half the default decks don’t even fill the full card roster. It would be great to easily take a deck that’s actually used by players as a starting point.

As a stop gap. have some discord servers that have build orders and their respective decks
Age of sunbros

Free Food Party

I believ at least one of them already posted a link here

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I’ve been playing a long time and I can’t keep track of it. I just have resigned myself to getting into situations that I don’t know the counter for and muscling through it.

It’s not an ideal situation but I can live with it and keep my sanity. Rushing helps this immensely. Earlier the win the less you have to know.

What is really needed is a basic tutorial on micro. For example, what is it recommended to assign to each of the 10 control groups, should you assign tcs to a control group, how to use stop micro/attack move/patrol so your units fire efficiently instead of overkilling one unit. I have never actually seen such a tutorial and I’ve been playing and watching for years.

Aom in the tutorials has videos explaining the unique characteristics of civilizations, they could introduce such a thing for Aoe3.


That would be specially useful and unique from Swedes until Maltese
Good idea

Build orders? There are many of them for every type of scenario, and there are many many types of scenarios with numerous factors- casual or comp game, 1v1 or team, treaty or not, different map types…
I can’t really see a good official way to do that, it’s not really the job of developers to provide build orders and strategies. Help of this kind always has been provided by the community, on forums, YT, and other places.

These things change a lot. I don’t realistically see devs with very limited budget re-doing written/video tutorials with different build orders for all 22 civs every patch. It doesn’t work like that.
Imagine some online shooter and devs telling players what perks and weapons to choose and what to avoid, and giving them strategies. Is there an RTS where something like that is a thing?

AoE III is quite flexible when it comes to the fit and finish of the civilization of choice thanks to the home city shipment system. Boiling it down to a few suggested paths doesn’t seem beneficial, maybe even counterproductive.
New players shouldn’t be focusing on build orders. They should be focusing on learning maps and civs, and that can be done in practice very easily. One long single-player match allows to get a good grip on the general design of a civilization, and not a lot more time spent on the deck screen familiarizing yourself with the cards and possible strategies provides enough knowledge to be a good starting point for experimentaiton.

Some general, universal basic frameworks for every civ would be probably too much to ask all things considered. And mentioned ‘specific’ help is IMHO very unrealistic to expect.

Mmm yo creo que los desarrolladores no deberian poner eso de las ordenes de construcción ni mucho menos, pero si creo que podrian hacer mini tutoriales dentro del juego explicando las cosas unicas de cada civ de manera que el jugador ya sabra a lo que se enfrenta y podra diseñar sus propias estrategias por ejemplo:

Bienvenido a la Escuela de civilizaciones jugador en este lugar te enseñaremos las cosas basicas de cada civilizacion y cartas que ofrecen mejoras unicas para estas como a su vez el conjunto de desarrollo cultural que tienen, en primer lugar estan los Europeos, siendo la cultura de juego inicial y más sencilla de aprender, avanzan de edad mediante politicos que poseen un impacto inmediato en el juego pero que en el juego tardio no significa mucho, esta es la cultura más numerosa que cuenta con un total de 11 civilizaciones que pese a compartir rasgos culturales tienen muchas diferencias significativas.

En primer lugar estan los britanicos, cuyas unidades unicas son el arquero de tiro largo, un arquero de largo alcance y un ataque veloz, mortifero contra caballeria ligera y infanteria pesada, y el cohete una unidad de artilleria unica disponible solo en las fabricas o a travez de envios de la metropoli, son polivalente y se desenvuelven bien contra muchas cosas, una de sus caracteristicas más notorias son sus casas solariegas, casas con un valor de madera más alto pero que dan un colono una vez construidas, son capaces de construir colonos de manera lenta en la era industrial con una carta de la metropoli.

(Algo asi xd)

Para eso están la escaramuza contra la AI y el techtree de cada civ

si es verdad, pero como dije era solo una idea de eso xd ademas el arbol de tecnologias necesita ser revisionado un poco ya que se siente un poco con falta de información: falta un icono de color que remarque las unidades y edificios unicos e inclusive las descripcciones de las revoluciones y descripción de sus ventajas

Thanks for this thread! We’re always looking for ways to help new players. I’m always taking down suggestions and new players are a hard voice to capture.


I have some additional suggestions. Some new things about AoE3 to explain to new players are:

  1. Stances. Since ranged units have melee mode which are actually usable, a tutorial about using different stances for units would be great. For example, units like the Howdah are good against cavalry at range but die to skirmishers. When faced with skirmishers, switching to melee stance is really effective. This tutorial can also help new players understand snaring.

  2. Reading the unit stat cards: it would be nice if there was an infographic in game that would help read the various symbols that appear in the stat cards.