This game is actually in such a bad state atm

Unless you get rushed like I do most of the time

Very well said mate! Couldn’t agree more to this statement.

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Many people play the campaign and with the patch they lose what they have saved

If that’s true, we’ll check it out in the next tournament.

If everybody goes meta, then they’re predictable. And going off-meta yourself may surprise the opponent…

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Whats the current meta?

In fact, it’s a bit hard to understand. After greedily demanding that many civilizations be playable, you still want to complain about diversity? For the sake of balance, the more civilizations there are, the higher the homogeneity becomes to avoid upsetting the entire balance due to the emergence of a specific process. On the one hand, you are complaining that all civilizations are too homogeneous, and on the other hand, you are complaining about the gameplay of Joan of Arc civilization, are you serious?

Look at the perfect AOE2 in your mind. How high is the homogeneity? The reason why you only complain about AOE4 and not AOE2 is simply because your expectations for AOE4 are so high that they are almost exaggerated. If AOE4 only has four playable civilizations like COH, then the production team can naturally make it better and more detailed. If you want AOE4 to have a huge number of playable civilizations like the humble AOE2, then you will naturally get A more similar, superficial civilization.

Of course I also hope that AOE4 will have more civilizations and more different gameplays, but requiring both to be achieved in a short period of time is a bit too much, I think.


I haven’t the slightest idea. :face_in_clouds:

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Its not even just the lack of diversity in applicable tactics, that i would understand to an extent.

Its that we’re still playing an obnoxiously imbalanced game despite these restrictions. We are experiencing the worst of both worlds atm. Like Byzantine litterally has no chance vs ayyubids


Right now, I think the current meta is fast castle aggressive play style.

Yet fast castle isn’t enough punishable for the new civs (Zhu Xi, Ayyubids) and the old ones (HRE) still need to take risks for a fast castle.


The most effective response I’ve had to fast castling is to tower gold or to keep horsemen around their base, primary objective is to keep the villagers idle. But it falls apart easily if they know how to defend or just move around me… if they get to castle and I’m still in feudal they’ll whup me good since I have to take time to age up, it’s a deep investment in the first 8 minutes just to delay their strategy. Needless to say, it’s been frustrating to play against castle rushes from Ayyubid.


I have been debating this since before the game’s release.

They can’t balance very asymmetric civs if they are going to be including several every year and more difficult is the balance when they are team games.

P.S: Having said all this, we will have to wait for the patch that will surely not take long to come out.

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still 2 weeks or did I miss any news?

I usually just focus the game at my own. If I spot a Ayyubid going fast castle as Abbasid I will go on a super fast 3 TC + castle.

Usually I hit castle at min 10 doing this, by this time Ayyubid would probably get most of the relics, but you will have a lot more villagers and if you turtle a bit you can outmass him at min 15 more or less.

Then for minute 15-20 you will have near 20-30 more villagers and is a spam battle who can spam more ghulams and xbows.

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People still play abassid? You might be the only one left (that ive seen anyways) and i play quite a bit

I’m main abbasid, I play them since the first release of the game.

The problem with them in the current meta is they are slower than other civs, but if the game gets to late castle or imperial they are very good with all the eco and military buffs.

Also they have a lot of chances, despite being main abba I still find more ways to play them nowadays…

In this new meta I’m maining also japanese.

So fast castle and then spam Rams/Knights and MMA?

Well it depends of the civ, but with the amount of new civs doing fast castle it’s like forces other civs going fast castle too because you need to have a very good tempo to punish them and if you fail to punish then you are out.

The game is indeed in a terrible state. Defensive play is all but extinct and the continued nerfs of structures like TC, in combination with introduction of hyper aggressive civilizations that have ultra powerful feudal tools just makes this game extremely bitter to play from some civilization’s perspective.

I don’t like the idea of banning civilizations, but at this point its getting ridiculous. Some match ups are extremely unfun and they’ve done nothing to compensate.

For any of the developers who actually read this forum (there are none); complex civilizations aren’t fun just because they are complex. You need to give them a bone for it to be worth anyone’s time. You might as well have wasted 6 months developing Byzantines if they are just a worse Abbasid.

Moreover, it feels like a waste of positive momentum to entirely neglect the game after launching the DLC like this. The game is in dire need of balancing, but also needs to be shifted back into more dynamic gameplay. Aggro only is choking this game to death.


Well, I have seen comments from high level players where they say that the metagame tends somewhat to FC.

But all this may be in vain with the future patch (which will not take long to come out).