This game is missing some of the social part in general

  1. As spectator you cant see the chat of the players.
  2. At Voobly you could chat with the other players during a game (this chat was hidden for the players), can you do this at DE as well?
  3. The clan page seems pretty lackluster. At voobly you had some forum for your clan and stuff like that. In DE clans seems pretty much dead. Now you can found some discord groups. Might be a good idea to add some discord integration into the game.
  4. You cant really have friends ingame. It is always based on your steam friend list. I have no idea how to add a xbox live user as friend into the game.

For point 4, you need an xbox live account.

If you already have that, then I still see your problem, because the filters you can activate to sort through players to invite aren’t made for xbox users.

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Did you really just copy paste my post as first post of this thread?! :face_with_monocle:

I think i cant disagree with my own ideas, so i have to agree with these suggestions.


I agree. We desperately need ingame friend lists.