This game is Spingald city

It’s still spingald city for mongols man i can’t seriously stress how aggravating it is to fight against people who make spingalds right in your face.

allow all other civs to get the same benefit via advanced engineering otherwise

we’re talking economic differences → the fact that

mongols/abbasid → throws blacksmith → engineering tech → infantry GO FULL SPINGALD CITY
all other civs → throws blaskmith → engineering tech → utilize 3-4 villagers to build siege shop EVERY time you push forward

why make ANYTHING when u can go full SPINGALD CITY!!!

the nerf didnt’ do anythign 2 spingald bolts still 1-shot a knight

at least add an accuracy debuff against non-siege units (potential to miss) those things are beyond innacurate against moving units IRL.

I don’t think patch 9369 (the springald-nerf-patch) is out yet…

MrBeevy is correct, springalds haven’t been nerfed yet. Patch comes out sometime this week.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: i didnt know 20 chars+

Abbasid don’t need blacksmiths for siege engineering, that’s one of their unique buff.

just wait another day patch will be out tomorrow