This game is unplayable ! Multiplayer full of bugs

I’m really sorry but I’m leaving. No more efforts playing this game. I won my last match but playing experience is sooooo awful!!! Even made a list of the ■■■■■■ bugs I had to suffer only in my last game

Just some bugs that I had to experience:

  • My MAA start dancing around enemy troops, while being killed or shot. I have to stop them with S otherwise they can dance for a while
  • Archers are behind MAA but seems the distance is enough for them to stop attacking, even in longbowmen
  • Mangonels lose vision in a buggy way, so lose target and start attacking at random foes, buildings included
  • Mangonels/rams/trebuchet start dancing between my troops getting killed very easily
  • Mangonels/rams/trebuchet are too easily selected by mistake, dismounting them and having to mount them again. Useless in fight.
  • Troops dance while building rams… why ALL of them have to build the SAME ram???they start running like idiots around the ram.
  • Archers shoot buildings or random targets while fighting in the decisive fight. Impossible to know at what archers are firing
  • You cant move your troops in the middle of enemy city, probably you will misclick some enemy random building, sheep, whatever triggering attack
  • Troops stop moving if selected enemy unit gets killed, instead going to action, leaving big parts of my army in the way
  • Trebuchet loses vision and start shooting at random target but when one of my troops is sent to their castle then its able to attack (seriously??)
  • When trebuchet gets destroyed a vision bug gives vision to a large area (wtf really relic??)
  • MAA sent to attack a siege unit needs constant click click otherwise they will get stuck attacking anything in the middle, even a house. The aggro works so bad.
  • When some of my troops defeat enemy troops they stop moving instead of attacking other enemy units, specially if they are (just a little) apart.
  • micro doesn’t work well because of the lack of stances, my whole army will run to the whole enemy army if they shoot a single arrow… Impossible to manage my economy
  • when they attack you the “alert” signal its confusing and most of the time you really dont know where or you dont realise
  • When you build many farms at same time, ALL THE VILLAGERS will build ALL THE FARMS and when they’re done (and not before) will start farming. Why the hell ???

and I could follow the list but this is the main things that ■■■■ me

Seriously this game HAS SOOO BAD CODING its amazing I never played such bad game with this deficient AI, it kills the whole experience and I am sure it will be a complete shame to see this bugs in a professional tournament. But seems that Relic don’t care!!!

Please Relic REWORK or REFUND


That’s why I think age IV is a very simple game with simple mechanics, imagine the amount of bugs if this game had better mechanics?.. They are not good at coding…that’s why DOW 3 have very simplistic mechanics as well…

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yeah nobody uses chivalry in late game because of poor coding >.<

Wait…no…please…don’t go…I guess we should respect your decision…

I will not go into detail with every single point but the last one you have made is just wrong. There’s a hotkey combination to avoid the behaviour you have described. As for the rams: Then send some villagers to build the second ram, oh my god. The game certainly has issues but this extensive criticism while obviously having not bothered with very basic mechanics of the game really is just plain stupid.

There’s a thing called micro. YOU have to control your units in the right way to make them act efficiently. That’s what you should expect from a RTS like AOE4. If that is too much for you to handle, yea then you should really move on to another game i guess.



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To some elitists these bugs are ‘micro’ and you must get better at suffering.

yes!! and its sad because I know these bugs so I can take advantage from them.

For example, when I go to attack instead of attacking at sight, I move all my troops behind enemy troops. This game is awful because enemy troops will autoattack my troops (negligible damage) but the “attack alarm” for him will only trigger when I ATTACK, so if my enemy is not looking I can surround his troops and, by when I attack, its too late for him.

This is just one of many examples. If this is micro I’m god

I think everyone agrees that this game is having issues with plenty of bugs also involving micro. However, that list includes many points that aren’t considered bugs but instead are intended features of the game that require micro.

yes yes.
Ballistic were bad… but dumb mele units - it’s MICRO.


if relic says this is micro, or how they think micro is, I will uninstall inmediatyly


Even attack move is not working as intended. If you attack move a unit it will follow just that unit instead of the group. If I ever needed that I could have just right clicked on that unit. Attack move should only target group.
Second worse thing about attack move is. It may not attack toward that location. Bring followed by spears if I try to attack move knights on villagers they will turn back and get their ■■■ ****ed by spears.

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no no no
be consistent.

state of art machine learning MIC-RO

you need to do attack move , if you dont do that , that happens!

¿? elaborate , archers do not have enough range?

ofc , they are not going to track every unit that goes out of their range . bud

because they are mounting , you dont have EVER to combine your main army with your siege! EVER!

elaborate. Because at a fist glance it looks like an skill issue . Remember that you have to elaborate , if not we cannot understand what you tried to said.

Just micro the units LOL! , i agree that it should have some " Unit logic" but it isnt a bug .

What? , just select the archer and do RIGHT click at a unit . Are you an aoe3 player? it seems so .

Agree with this one.

Not a bug , but agree . Should have more “unit logic” behind it.

I dont understand . What you are describing had not occured in most of cases . Go watch any youtube video about it and you can see that youre lying! , JUST double click the castle or DO SOMETHING . If your trebuchet dont fire inmediatly after right clicking , MAKE SURE TO right click AGAIN!

Not true wtf . This happened like months ago when siege was faster than horses but its not a problem anymore lol .

you already pointed this before lol

What XD? Dude we cant understand the context . What a single arrow has to do with your economy. If your army runs in to kill enemy forces , your economy should not be affected . if so you are just playing the game like in aoe2!

Stupid point! What? This is not even a bug my friend . It clearly shows in the minimap WITH A BUNCH OF RED FLARES , HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE?

Yep , youre an aoe2 player .THIS GAME is not MEANT TO be AOE2 and neither AOE3 , this is a game on its own.

Nobody should EVEN care at half of your list! Sure , it has its problems , we can see that in the player counts but really . asking for a rework just because the game is not like you want it to be it doesnt mean that other like the way as it is.

The game is not bad coded , it just misses feautures.

Ask for a refund then. We wont mind! Many of us like the game as it is and just wish for more features. Not for a whole re-work to let the game be aoe2 or aoe3.

This is no hate and neither criticism , just facts.

then do it , because half of your list is considered to be or skill problems or micro-lackness .

Do not worry , i already did.

tons of ■■■■■■■■ you’re being paid by microsoft to create positive posts, you’re some kind of “good troll”, otherwise nobody spend so much time quoting point per point with awkward explanations like “its not a bug… its just micro - unit logic!!”

dont feed the troll

what the ■■■■ . HAHAH you made my day buddy .

Youre not even going to try to beat my argument , you just came here and respond to me like CRYING trying to humillate me ?

Buddy , dont make me laugh.
I would really like to be paid by microsoft just by responding to idiots who thinks that their opinion is the only one here and others who think differents are just trolls .

If im still here is just because my determination of keeping this place clean of BS so other new people on here can read and dont be scared by the amount of trolling.

Who spends time responding to your topic point by point? Well , Me! .

And im not even being paid. Are you a true Aoe fan? i dont think so. Want to get this game to be what you like , play it clean and bring FAIR points.

Youre just CRYING and triying to get people to like your opinion , wich as i already prooved .

Its not valid!

man if you’re doing this for free then I’m really sorry for you. Anybody that has played many games can feel the lack of smoothness in micro. Its not my skill, units are DUMB. You call it “unit logic” I call it poor coding